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Ue Castle Ruins, A 360 Degree View of Kume Island

post : 2014.11.22 16:00

A 360 degree panoramic view of Kume Island. Ue Castle ruins are the highest ruins in Okinawa at 310m. On a clear day at the summit you can see Ue Castle ruins, the hamlet of Hiyajo, Hateno Beach among other places and you can even see far off places like Aguni Island and Tonaki Island. During times when it is humid like in rainy seasons, there is a fog and you can see a sea of clouds.    
It is unknown when the castle was constructed but the eldest son of the chieftain of the Ishiki clan, the Kume Nakagusuku chieftain constructed it but in 1510 (other records stay 1506) the second king Shin Sho army attacked the castle and was destroy by fire. Inside the castle ground there was a lot of china such as bowls, plates and pots from China showing there was trading at the time.

Now it is undergoing restoration and there are walking paths and parking lots being set up to make it easier to visit.

The contrast of the cobalt blue ocean against the lush greenery of Kume Island that you can see from the plateau is impressive. It is a place with a wonderful view that you must visit if you come to Kume Island.

Ue Castle Ruins
Address: 2064-1 Uegusuku, Kumejimacho, Shimajiri-gun, Okinawa
30 minutes by car from the airport
Admission: Free to Visit
Parking Available

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2064-1 Uegusuku, Kumejimacho, Shimajiri-gun, Okinawa