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Series/ Island Blessing, Island Taste Part 5 Ichoba

post : 2014.11.22 16:00

Ichoba is not an easy name to get used to. However if say fennel it may hit home with some people. Long ago it was treasured as a digestive medicine and ichoba’s name means digestive leaf.

With the harsh heat of Okinawa, plants that can easily be grown year round are cherished. Even in the garden of our house ichoba is growing magnificently.   

The stems haves the crunchy sensation of celery and if you stir fry it simply like with garlic and olive oil or thinly chop it and put it in a soup, you can enjoy the true flavor of ichoba.   

There are more herbs than ichoba for sell in Okinawa like basil, coriander and dill. And all of them are at a reasonable price! By putting ichoba in a vase or glass, it will last long and give the kitchen a refreshing smell.
 It matches especially well with seafood and we used it an island dish of fresh fish simmered in sea salt water.
If you get your hands on fish you’ll want to cook it in sea salt.

Sea Salt Simmered Blue Fusilier

 Ingredients (4 Servings)

1 Blue Fusilier (Try with the fish of your choice like white fish, horse mackrel)
Ichoba (Fennel) to taste
1.5-2 tsp Natural Salt
1 Clove of Garlic   
10cm seaweed (optional)
1/2 cup awamori (sake okay)
2 cups Water
1slice of lemon

1.    Clean and gut the fish
2.    In a frying pan put the water, seaweed, garlic and awamori under heat, put in the fish with its head facing left,
3.    Chop about 3cm of ichoba leaveas and add them
4.    When it starts to boil, skim the surface, put a top on the pan and let it simmer 3-5 minutes
5.    Plate it, add the soaked ichoba and use the fresh ones as a garnish, add the slice of lemon.  
The refreshing smell is taken directly into the fresh fish. And if you eat the soaked ichoba that has the scent of the ocean you can taste the goodness on your tongue.   
Try ichoba with fresh fish with your favorite soup.
I expressly recommend using the remaining soup to make pasta!
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