Okinawa Tourism Information:NyatiyaCave,theCaveWheretheGodofChildrenLives

Nyatiya Cave, the Cave Where the God of Children Lives

post : 2014.11.22 16:00

On Ie Island there is a cave that has a mysterious legend.
It is 10 minutes by car away from Ie Island Port.
Nyatiya Cave is a very silent.

 It is also called the “thousand person cave” and during the war people hide in the cave. For the people of the island this has been holy land since long ago.
It is surrounded by thick brush like the plants of the island are protecting it.

Inside the cave there is a place of worship, and the people of the island come to worship and pray.
The inside is connected to the sea and in the silent cave you can hear the echo of the waves.

The air is cool and at my feet there is pure white sand.
Light can been seen from the entrance of the and gives the cave a silent shine/

It is has a spaciousness that cannot be that could be imagine from the outside, and in there, there is a lone rock called Hijiru Rock.

According to legend, if women who are not blessed with children lift the rock their wish will come true.
If you lift Hijiru Rock and think it is light it is a girl and if you think it is a heavy it is a boy.
Just I got there I pasted a young couple. While I looked at them from the back out the corner of my eyes, wondering whether it was a boy or a girl and to make sure the couple wouldn’t notice I eased to kuft the heavy Hijiru Rock up.

Nyatiya Cave

Okinawa Clip Photowriter Taiki Gushiken