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Indulge Yourself In Mozoku at An Event in The Number One Production Area of Mozuku in Japan

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The 3rd Sunday of April is “Mozuku Day”and on Sunday, 16 April 2014 the Mozuku Day event was held at Uruma Katsuren Heshikiya Fishing Wharf!

 If you rush to the opening at 10am you Nyuru-kun who maybe the mascot for the Katsuren Fishing Cooperative or a mozuku fairy.
 If you were to ask the highlights of the event, there are many such as the “fresh mozku picking”, the “mozuku eating contest” and the “mozuku farm study”. I tried the first 100 meter mozuku tape cutting.  
 The tape is far more than 100 meters; it is about 300 meters long and is from end to end with no breaks could go around the venue twice!

 It wasn’t only people involved with the fishing cooperative but members of the general public participating in the ribbon cutting. It was a long package mozuku and for those who cut the package and take it home.

While I was shooting the opening, this group of people gathered at the fresh mozuku picking corner.

The reason it was popular was because for 100 yen you could fill a plastic bag with as much mozuku as you like.
The Miyashiro family loves mozuku and filled many bags.
Of course I also took part.  They were slimy and hard to grab but I got a bag full of fresh mozuku!

 I ask the people around me how to eat this large amount of mozuku and other that the popular mozuku-su, a popular way to eat it in Okinawa, I was told it would be good as tempura or putting it in miso soup.

After grappling with mozuku it was lunchtime. I had the mozuku soba which was at the price of 300 yen! Mozuku was kneaded into the noodles and for as a topping you could put on as much fresh mozuku as you like for free making for a good time.

 “Don’t hold back at all, put on as much mozuku as you like.”
When that offer make made to me I put on so much that the other topping could no be seen! Rather than looking like Okinawa soba with mozuku as a topping it looked like a bowl full of mozuku…
It was almost a one to one ratio of noodles to mozuku and it was good.
 I had one other product the famous product of Katsuren Fishing Cooperative “mozuku fried dumplings”. 1 pack of 6 for 300 yen and for a greater value of 2 packs for 500 yen. You can enjoy the chewiness of the mozuku and the taste of the garlic makes it a perfect side dish.
After filling my stomach I went off on the harvesting observation. It took 20 minutes by boat to arrive at the mozuku harvest ground.

At the seafloor of about 3-6 meters depth there was a special net which was perfect for capturing mozuku.

We were told “mozuku can only grow in clean seas”. The fact that mozuku can grow easily in Okinawa is proof of the bountiful sea!

To cool off my body that got hot on the sea, I had mozuku gelato. I chose the numasu salt and shikwasa flavor for 360 yen. But the smile on this young lady's face was priceless.

You could clearly see the mozuku in the gelato. There were many stalls with thing like mozuku bread, mozuku tempura, and deliciously seasoned mozuku.

There many events that took place on the stage and among them the one that got the most attention was the mozuku eating contest.

 They had to eat 450 grams of mozuku with sauce with one hand in a certain time. A pack at a supermarket is about 80 grams so it was over five of those.

The winner said “I could have a year’s worth of mozuku.” I tried as well but I was not much of a match the strong competition.  

The one that was the most heated was 3 person rely race between young members of the Tuken, Hama, Higa, and Heshikiya branches of the Katsuren Fishing Cooperative.  

 The last group broke rules by eating with no hands and the venue erupted with laughter and it was a great success.

 Mozuku season is from April to May. Now is the best season! You can taste the freshest mozuku.

 Come to the Mozuku Day Event nezt and enjoy a lot of mozuku.
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