Okinawa Tourism Information:“KillSevenBirdswithOneStone”!forGourmetandShoppingatOnnaSunsetMall

“Kill Seven Birds with One Stone”! for Gourmet and Shopping at Onna Sunset Mall

post : 2014.11.25 22:00

Onna Sunset Mall, which was opened in April, 2013 along Highway 58 in Nakama, Onna Village, is a sightseeing complex of 7 different kinds of stores.  The buildings were designed to look like red tile-roofed traditional Okinawan houses on the premises of more than 6,600㎡.

As its concept “One Stop Okinawa” suggests, if you stop by here while driving, you can experience seven different things symbolizing the characters of Okinawa.

The main facility is “Chinuman (TEL: 098-967-7551),” which serves specialty dishes of a wide variety of original menu items, mainly Okinawa home-style cooking.  It is good to visit here at night “izakaya” time when they hold a lively sanshin (Okinawan three-stringed instrument) folk music show, but I would recommend the lunch set, “Chinuman Special! Enjoy all Okinawan delicacies A Set.”  The set includes vinegared mozuku (Okinawan seaweed), champuru (stir-fried dish), juushii (Okinawan-style flavored rice), deep-fried Okinawan gurukun (double-lined fusilier), steamed beniimo (purple-colored sweet potato), shrimp tempura, mozuku tempura, aasa (another Okiawan seaweed) tempura, salted Okinawan shallots, dasshimaki tamago (Japanese rolled omelet with aasa), rafutee (braised pork belly), jiimaami tofu (tofu-like dish made of peanut and sweet potato starch).  With this big volume, you can fully enjoy 12 items of food from sea and mountain for only 1,059 yen (tax included).

Also they have excellent take-out food items.  You can always enjoy a special crispy, fluffy, glutinous texture of “Bun A, Bun B, Bun C, Bun G, Bun O, Bun J” of “Agepan (deep-fried bun) Factory Antoshimo (TEL: 098-967-7553) ,” as they start to deep-fry your food item upon your order. 

Their buns have no cholesterol because of using high-quality canola oil, which is one of the main reasons why they have ranked high in “B-grade gourmet” food.

In addition, taco rice (taco-flavored ground beef served on a bed of rice) and pizza of “GATE 1(TEL: 098-967-7553),” a major Mexican cuisine restaurant, whose main store is in Kin Town, are popular.

They will expand their business, so we look forward to their future development.

Other stores are different kinds of souvenir shops such as “Churadama (TEL: 098-967-8315), a shop for accessory with the motif of glass float, “Mango House (TEL: 098-967-7333),” which has a wide variety of their original kariyushi wear, an Okinawan T-shirt shop, “TENGU TENGU (TEL:098-967-7551),” an Okinawa confectionery store, and “Okinawa Okashi Honpo (TEL:098-967-7551).”

The mall also has a cart rental shop (TEL:098-967-7551).

For lunch time, you can enjoy gorgeous lunch set at a reasonable price, enjoy shopping in a relaxed mood in the afternoon, enjoy “sunset” as the mall’s name indicates, along the coast in front of the mall, with deep-fried bun in your hand at sunset, and get excited with sanshin live show at night!

You will be satisfied with this stop-by spot at any time of the day or night while driving on the western coast.

This is a new style of “Michi no Eki (literally meaning roadside station, but actually selling locally-grown products and souvenir goods),” where you can enjoy one full day.

Onna Sunset Mall

Address: 2199-1, Nakama, Onna Village
Hours: Vary according to tenant
Open 365 days a year
Parking: Available

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer Kiwamu Ogawa (Qey Word)