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Enjoy Marine Sports in Tsuken Island(Jima), hidden spot

post : 2014.11.28 21:00

Tsuken-jima is located 4km far from south east coast of Katsuren peninsula , in east coast of Okinawa main island, and very simple place far from city life.

Tomai-hama known as Tsuken beach is located in west shore and stretches 1km to south and north, and the most representing place in this island for the beauty of natural sand beach.

Hidden spot like this small island can hardly be found in major travel guide books, so it's worthwhile visiting!

Looking some 10km over Nakagusuku bay, there are wide view of local town on east coast.
You can enjoy the beautiful landscapes from Tsuken-jima, like no other island.
Why not try Marine sports to enjoy this location to full extent?
Followings are Marine menu even beginners can enjoy.

Water Vehicle

Speeding vehicles so called Jet ski or Marine jet.
Tandem bicycle behind an instructor driving, 3 seats are also available.
The acrobatic motion on the vehicle is very exciting, especially when speeding as fast as 100km/h!

Towing Tube

Towing Tube is towed by motorboat or water bike and very thrilling !
Banana boat enable you to enjoy with up to 10 people and if you wish, you can jump into the sea from U tube by super centrifugal force!  


This is a challenging menu, however, some practice enables you stand on the board and enjoy!    
When you master the basic skills, why not challenge some advanced tricks?

Boat Snorkel

If you wish a relaxing day, Boat Snorkeling nearby the beach is recommendable. Around Todai-ato, south shore of the island, is the best area for Snorkeling. As you feed from the boat, many kinds of colorful fish will gather and surely exciting!
Life jackets are ready for all participants for all marine menu, so it's safe even if you are non swimmer.

Above menu are sponsored by Kamiya Kanko company , a pioneer of Tsuken-jima marine service for a long time. All the staff are local people and good knowledge of the island and support you in full.  
Please enjoy the beautiful sea in Tsuken-jima!


Kamiya Kanko
Address: 1472-4, Tsuken, Katsuren, Uruma-city, Okinawa
Phone: 098-978-3027

Okinawa CLIP photo writer by Kiwamu Ogawa (Qey Word)