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Touching with Yonaguni horse

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The picture shows a horse named Wally, Korean species.

Okinawa Kodomo no Kuni (Children's world) is located in Okinawa city in Okinawa.
In the nature of plenty green trees,
there are Zoo and Wonder Museum(children's  museum) in the facility.

Let us introduce of Umancyu-Hiroba in the zoo in the Nature Land area.
There is a corner where you can touch and ride on 2 species of horses.
One is Yonaguni horse, origins in Yonaguni island 
that is registered as the Natural Monument in Yonaguni island,
and the another is Korean origin  Saisyu horse.

The picture shows a horse named Dunan, Yonaguni horse.

The Yonaguni horses used to support the daily life of the local people as their transportation,
and also carried sugar canes.
Due to the popularization of motor vehicles and agricultural tractors,
the horse decreased to 60, however,
the conservation activities managed to increase the horse up to 120 by now in Japan.
As a part of the activities, Okinawa Kodomo no Kuni opened Umancyu Hiroba for horse riding.

You might not understand why there is a Korean Saisyu horse in Okinawa.
There is a good reason;
Once upon a time, Saisyu people were saved from a shipwreck by people in Okinawa
and this Saisyu horse was sent for friendship to Okinawa prefecture in 1996.
Wally is the very horse and has been kept here since.
Saisyu island and Okinawa has been keeping a good relationship still now.

Horse riding is possible over 2 year old kids.
Both Yonaguni and Saisyu horses are as short as 100-120cm and very calm nature.
So, even small kids can enjoy the horse riding. 

Listen to a short lecture by staff and put on a helmet,
then you are ready to try the horse riding!
Try to touch around the neck of the horse as a greeting and when you get ready,
ride on the saddle and hold the reins.

While you are riding, try to straighten your back and uplift your face.

The horse can read your heart, so try to relax yourself!

After riding, please touch around the neck again saying
Thank You and you might be able to see
a happy smile of the horse just like this picture.

Picture shows a training for Umaharashi(Traditional horse race in Okinawa).

The staff of Umanchu Hiroba considers the schedules of training
and body conditions of each horse and choose a suitable horse for guests.
So, you might not be able to choose the horse you like.

Yonaguni horse named Dunan kindly joined the interview today.
Dunan has been the winner for 4 times in the past horse races called Umaharashi
held in Okinawa Kodomono Kuni.
The race competes in the speed and the beauty of running styles.
Dunan's running style was very steady and beautiful as expected.
The next race is scheduled on October 19, 2014 and March 1, 2015.
Don't miss it!
How about trying a Horse Riding on Yonaguni horse and Relax! 

Okinawa Kodomo no Kuni
Address/ 5-7-1 Goya, Okinawa-city
TEL/ 098-933-4190
OPEN/ April to Sept. 09:30~18:00 (entry by 17:00)
Oct. To Mar.   09:30~17:30 (entry by 16:30)
CLOSE/ Tuesday・Year end (Dec. 30 to Jan. 1)

※ Opens during summer vacation

Kodomo no Kuni

Admission/ Adult 500yen Junior, High school students 200yen
4 years to Elementary school students 100yen, Free under 3 years


Umanchu Hiroba
Horse Riding charge/ Rounding a trial course 500yen
※ 2 years old to adults (Under 80kgs)

Okinawa CLIP Photo writer by Akari Matsumura