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Stunning Vista Spot Near Ishigaki Island Southern Gate Bridge

post : 2014.12.16 19:00

A blue bridge is found at the center of the downtown.  It is called Southern Gate Bridge.
The bridge is an icon of Ishigaki Island, and is a much better view point than you think.

As people can enjoy both ocean view and downtown view, the bridge is also my very favorite spot.  
It is also popular for beautiful sunset view.

Even though I come here very often, I am always impressed by the breathtakingly beautiful view!
I just keep quiet and gaze at the marvelous view for a while.

At the foot of the bridge is Tonoshiro Fishing Port, where sometimes you encounter uminchu (an Okinawan word meaning fishermen) taking care of their ships or yuntaku (an Okinawan word meaning chatting).

On the opposite side is Ishigaki Port Terminal for Remote Islands, where high speed boats leave and arrive.
There are dense webs of high speed boat links between Ishigaki Island and nearby islands.

Iriomote Island can be seen in the far left distance.
When you relax on the top of the bridge, sometimes a fishing boat on the way back from fishing passes under the bridge.

Beyond the bridge is a reclaimed land, where the local people usually enjoy BBQ parties and fishing.
In addition, many local people visit here for jogging or walking.

The road has been well developed around the Southern Gate Bridge, so just driving around the area brings you crystal clear blue gradation so close.

In the square in front of the sea, events such as “Southern Star Festival” in every August are held.
When I find myself working inside for long hours or when I feel beautiful sunset, I come here immediately.

Just visiting here makes me refreshed.
When I tell people about it, many people copied my example.

I savored this gorgeous sunset view this summer.
You don’t have to rent a car.  You can access easily to this beautiful sea of Yaeyama.

As it is within a 5 minute walking distance, I would really like you to stop by this bridge while enjoying leisurely walk!

Southern Gate Bridge
Yashima-cho, Ishigaki City