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Enjoy the Original Mixed Culture in South Daito Island

post : 2014.12.18 22:00

Minami (south) Daito Island is located 400km East from the Okinawa mainland.
In ancient time, this island was called  Ufu (big) Agari (east) Shima (island)
in Okinawa, however, it is only 114 years ago when people started living there.
The frontier settler were the immigrants from Hachijyo Island that belongs to Tokyo, and later,
people from Okinawa mainland immigrated there to plant Sugar Canes.
 Therefore, Edo (ancient named of Tokyo) culture still remains
in this island in spite of the geographical location.

The production of Sugar Canes in this Island is the top class in all Okinawa!
There used to be a Steam Locomotive in this small island of 21.2km in circuit.
Both of the real Steam Locomotive and Diesel Locomotive are exhibited
at Furusato Culture Center in the island and they are called Sugar Trains.

The Sugar Trains carried Sugar Canes and the railroad still remains as the picture below shows;

The Mixed Culture also appears on food.
Daito Island is famous for Daito Sushi and Daito Noodle.
Daito Sushi is made of the fresh local fish such as spearfish or sierra,
and fish are dipped in soy sauce for a while before being shaped of Sushi.
This is the same way of making Hachijyo Sushi.
Daito Noodle is a typical Okinawa Noodle with thick and a little curled noodle.

In the Minami Daito Harvest Festival, you can enjoy hachijyo styled Edo (Tokyo) Culture.

There are many Harvest Festivals in Okinawa, but here you can see
the Edo influence on the Festival. 
The Daito Drums which style originally came from Hachijyo Island,
Edo Sumo wrestling, the sacred shrines and the floats in a procession are some examples
and very rarely seen in Okinawa.

It must be fun to make friends with the local people and join the Festival.

In addition, you can enjoy the Okinawa style Sumo and folk music and plays on a stage.
It is very interesting to see the mixed culture in this Festival. 

The name of Daito Island is often heard on weather news because
there is a Meteorological Observatory in this island.
You can watch a white observation balloon shot to the sky every morning at 08:30
and every evening at 20:30.
Why don't you try to watch this when you go for a morning walk ?

Not to be forgotten, the mother nature of this island is very attractive as
the island nature remained untouched until 100 years ago !

If you are couple or with friends, Sunset Kayak in lakes
and Cave Walking are recommendable!

It is more fun to go with the local tour guide (Mr. Higashi of Office Key Point)
as you can really enjoy talking with him who has a wide range of knowledge of the island
and enjoy your holiday in full.

In the night, you can see beautiful stars in the sky and spend a very romantic night.
Some night tours are also available.

Inquiry: Office Key Point (Sunset Kayak)
Address/ Mishima Shoji Share Office No. 101, 52 Aza Zaisho,
         Minami Daito Son (village)
TEL/ 090-5082-4949    (up to 4 people)
Time/ 3 hours
Charge/ 6,000yen per person(incl. Life jacket and Insurance)

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Okinawa CLIP Photo writer Hiroshi Kuwamura (Kuwa)