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Glass Ware of Smooth Form with Clear and Warm Feeling

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The Blow Glass Studio Ruri is located in Yomitan village,
Okinawa prefecture.
Ms. Ikuko Onoda  called "IKU" is a Glass Artist of this studio and her Glass
 Works are formed thick and smooth that give warm and gentle feeling even in clear
 and delicate material.

The traditional Ryukyu Glass Wares are made of recycled glasses such as
 Awamori (local wine) bottles, and thick in character.
Each of her glass ware is slightly different both in form and color,
and you will feel like holding it in your hands. 

IKU had followed the famous Ryukyu Glass Artist Mr. Inamori at Blow Glass Studio Niji
in Yomitan village for 11 years and after that she opened her own studio
and now daily creates her works in a former foreign residence although
it is rarely used for glass work studio. 

The picture shows "Momotsuchi Glass".

This glass has a unique feeling of cool and clear glass and clay touch.
The shaped glass is coated with clay in water and blown and
this method makes cracks on the surface.
The cracks make beautiful pattern when completed.

As she creates her works, her imagination goes to who would use
 her works on a dining table and what kind of dining table it could be.

"My Glass Ware does not have to be a main item"
She images that her Glass Wares would rater support food and drinks to look nice.

She wishes that customers to enjoy decorating clear
and warm feeling dining room with the Glass Ware of
"Blow Glass Studio Ruri".

 【Blow Glass Studio Ruri Dealers】

■ Fukurasha
Address/3-6-10 Makishi, Naha city

■mofg mona no zakka
Address/2-1-29-301 Ginowan, Ginowan city
Close/Monday to Thursday

■zakka tuktuk
Address/1-3-21, Makishi, Naha city
Open/12:00 - 20:00
Close/Wednesday・Thursday(irregularly close)

Address/272-6, Aza Toya, Yomitan village

 ■Yomitan Community Shopping Center
Address/2723-1, Zakimi, Yomitan village
Close/Thursday、End year and New year
Parking available (free)

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