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Okinawa Noodle with a nice firm texture

post : 2015.01.08 22:00

This Okinawa noodle is used raw and fresh noodle and has a nice firm texture.
Smooth and curly noodle tastes very well with the soup.

You can enjoy such a tasty noodle at 「Ippon Matsu」in Chatan cho(town).
They serve noodles in daytime and drinks and other meals at night and
very popular among local people. 

The best recommendation is 「Soki(spare rib) Noodle」.
The topped Soki (spare rib) is stewed for 7  hours and very tender.
 You can never taste such  Soki in anywhere else.
Another topping of bean sprouts are just dipped and boiled
in hot water in order to remain fresh texture and taste good.

The soup is made of chicken, pork, fish broth and bonito flakes.
Especially the seafood flavor encourage your appetite.

The specialty of Ippon Matsu is the fresh noodle.
Thick noodle and thin noodle are mixed in order to give a firm and smooth texture.

Normally, fresh noodle needs to be boiled longer time compared to steamed noodle
and takes 7 minutes.
But, it is worth waiting for nice and hot noodle.

Ippon Matsu has some mixed (called Champru in Okinawa) menu such as 「Tacos Noodle」.
This is a collaboration of Okinawa Noodle and Taco Rice.
There are a variety of other menu such as Spicy Tofu (soy bean curd) Noodle,
 Squid Ink Noodle, and Pork based Noodle, etc.

「Curry Noodle」is one of the most popular menu.
Clear curry soup and the original noodle make good combination
and fried onion and pork perform very well in the taste.

「Atsuo chan」is their original spice made of dried hot pepper and garlic.
One of their regular customers Atsuo proposed to make a spice for noodles and
the owner Mr. Kiyuna studied and made this spice.
When you toss the spice on top of the noodle,
you can enjoy a nice flavor of garlic and its spicy taste.
You would say 「It's hot but yummy ! 」.

「I was searching for noodle what I would like to eat,
then I found the raw and fresh noodle. I make fresh noodle by myself ever since,
because I like noodle...  」,says the owner Mr. Kiyuna.
The taste of noodle is very simple, however,
a lot of work and time will surely make people happy.  

Ippon Matsu has full of regular customers in day and night.
Lively atmosphere is there and time is passing slowly just like anywhere in Okinawa.

There are Orthodox menu as well as unique Mixed (champru ) menu.
It is a good idea to try to find a new taste each time you go there.

Ippon Matsu
Address/ 586-13 Kuwae, Chatan cho
TEL/ 098-936-3020
Open/11:00〜14:00 17:00〜24:00

Okinawa CLIP Photo writer by Akari Matsumura