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Kiwamu Ogawa (Qey Word) / Photowriter

post : 2012.11.01 04:00

(Self described) “An expressionist who walks around the world” Going on in North America, Europe, Asia with a backpack.

I’m from Shinjuku Ward in Tokyo.
After working as an editor and mail order buyer for “Begin” and “Katei Gaho” (Sekai Bunka Publishing), I moved to Okinawa in 2008.

I worked as the chief editor for the free magazine “be-o” (SENDEN), and I’ve gone freelance since May 2012. As the creative unit “Qey Word” I’m committed to connect “people ? things ? works ? Okinawa…→ Universe”

Favorite word: simplicity

My life-work is… paranormal research (seriously).
I’m also a personality for the radio program “Let’s feel the ‘strange’ world of the ‘pleasant invisible things that live with us everyday’”, on FM21 (76.8MHz). We are on air every Friday from 10:00 pm★
Please listen to it ♪

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