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Furniture Store “PEARL”

post : 2015.01.22 19:00

When I was shopping for furniture after moving to Okinawa, I was amazed how much variety of American furniture Okinawa has!
Even at an ordinary recycle shop, a very classic side table is sold at incredibly low price.

Especially in Oyama, Ginowan City, American vintage furniture shops stand side by side in a row.
A furniture store “PEARL” located along Highway 58 has a wide variety of goods with outstanding quality. 

If you like American vintage furniture, you can enjoy looking at every item from wall to wall for hours.

Mainly vintage furniture of 1920’s to 1960’s, they handle various items such as plates and utensils, sundry goods, clothing, etc.

Especially there are a good variety of lighting systems like lumps!
Compared to prices in mainland Japan, their prices are very reasonable.

Also their second store located on Highway 58 has a variety of more reasonable American USED goods in addition to vintage and antique goods in order to please housewives. 

When the PEAL was opened in Yonabaru 19 years ago, it was a store of US military surplus furniture.  Based on requests from customers, they currently handle various tastes of furniture products including Northern European style, French style, etc.  So the owner couple Mr. and Mrs. Arakawa go as far as America to buy those products three times a year.  The owner and staff carefully fix or paint products by hand when needed, and the freshly-reborn products are displayed in the shop.

Some antiques came from European countries to America, and crossed the ocean to reach Okinawa.
When I pick up good taste antique one by one, I cannot help imagining who had been using it and what kind of sceneries it watched go by.
Among the vintage items, the most outstanding, characteristic one is PERAL original items.   

A good taste lump made by combining different vintage parts and cold interior goods using water pipes from Industrial Piping Systems, which has been popular in Europe and the United States, are so popular that they sell immediately once they are advertised on the blog, etc., and you have little chance to find them in the store.

“Treasure every encounter, for it will never recur.”
Since they are delivered outside of Okinawa, if you find such a beautiful vintage or antique that you fall in love at the first sight, it would be wonderful to send it to you as a reward.


Address: 4-2-6 Oyama, Ginowan City
TEL & FAX: 098-890-7551 
OPEN: 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM 
Closed on Obon Holidays & New Year’s Holidays
Official Website:

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