Okinawa Tourism Information:Won’tCompromisetheQualityofFood,Too!PopularCaféinKitanakagusuku,jijicafé

Won’t Compromise the Quality of Food, Too! Popular Café in Kitanakagusuku, jiji café

post : 2015.01.23 19:00

Café gohan* is fancy, but don’t you have an image that a main dish served at a café is small for gentlemen?

*“cafe gohan” means “small dishes served at cafes.

Located in Kitanakagusuku Village, Jiji café is a popular café, where you can enjoy the food whose taste they specially created.  The café is like a restaurant.

Beautiful, brightly-colored salsiccia (Italian meatball) with steamed vegetable in the style of cheese fondu is excellent in a savory flavor of meat mixed with mild cheese!

A popular cutlet for lunch time has a big volume, so even male customers will be satisfied.

Italian-based, special menu items other than regular items change according to season, and they never use chemical seasonings.

Interior goods like European vintage that are spaciously displayed in the shop with high ceiling and full of open feeling are all hand made by the owner and the staff.

The design of each of handmade tables is different so that customers can enjoy different scenery depending on where you sit. 

You will be glad because they have seats in ‘ozashiki’* so that you can come with your children!
In addition, in the back of the shop, there is a space with a tranquil, adult atmosphere, which male customers also can use casually.

*Ozashiki traditionally refers to a guest room with tatami mats. 

After enjoying meal, you can have a good time looking at artists’ works, accessories, and original wares that you can buy only here.

Robin-san, the owner of jiji café, who has an excellent sense of interior goods as well as of food, is a musician and apparel designer.

“Since my childhood, my favorite movies always show restaurants, and I wanted to build a shop that I would love to visit, in my home town, Kitanakagusuku someday.

Originally this foreigner’s residence was used as a convenient store, and it is a place of my memory because I bought mom-and-pop candy here when I was a kid.”

It is interesting that the shop has very different atmospheres of daytime and nighttime. During the daytime, it has a chillaxing atmosphere, while at night, they dim the lights and creates a romantic atmosphere.  So it is perfect when you feel like drinking alcohol or for a date.  They have a variety of drink menu items, and you can enjoy a big selection of cocktails and wine. 

I was surprised to know the prices are unexpectedly reasonable.  
All you can drink is 2,900 yen, and they have a course of plenty of dishes for 1,840 yen.
The taste is like the one at a fine restaurant, so it is an absolutely good price!

In addition, you can use the whole spacious shop for a wedding party and after-party as well as use partially for a party. 

When you visit this café which presents different faces, you surely find only your way to enjoy yourself.

jiji cafe

Address: 1422-3 Aza Shimabukuro, Kitanakagusuku Village
TEL: 098-987-7515
Opening Hours: 11:30 to 24:00 (L.O. 23:00)
Closed on Thursdays
Official Website:

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