Okinawa Tourism Information:CraftShop「ten」TheItemsthatMakeYourSpiritsHigh

Craft Shop「ten」The Items that Make Your Spirits High

post : 2015.02.04 22:00

When I first visited ten, I felt my heart beats as I opened the entrance door.
I could not take my eyes off from the displays at the entrance
and I got so excited to get inside the shop believing
that there must be items that would make me thrilled and enrich my daily life.

My expectation that this shop would be my favourite shop was right.
A variety of items were laid out in a renovated shop
that used to be  a former foreign residence.

Hand made clothes sewn from a flat textile,
warm feeling wooden spoons and bowls
that have really an existence and appealing something to me.

Having a plenty of sun lights through a big window,
these laid out items look so peaceful.

When I found a bowl made of Studio IROHA,
I felt like having a tea time with it. 

The glass works by Ms. Miyo Ohyabu were very beautiful in reflection of the gentle sun lights.


The cups made by Ms. Akiko Ozutsumi have a handle shaped of a car.

And vivid and beautiful colored shawls by Ms. Niime Tamaki, etc.

The half of the shop items are made by Okinawa artists
and other half are made by artists outside of Okinawa.
The owner couple Oshiro said 「We wish to offer items
that make your life happier」.

Many of the items by Okinawa artists are also popular in mainland of Japan.
These items had been chosen carefully when Mr. & Ms. Oshiro visited each artist's studio.

Therefore, Mr. & Ms. Oshiro can advise a back ground of each item,
 such as how the item was produced by who.
When they introduce the shop items they look like happy parents introducing their children.

Touched by their happiness,
I felt also happy in looking at hand made bowls, trying on the shawls.
It was an very exciting time.

Every time I visit the shop,
I see the owner and customers talk happily and this is why
there is a very nice atmosphere flowing in the shop.

I felt so happy for the times I spent in the shop ,
looking at the items, talking with the owners.
When I closed the shop door,
I felt myself carry some happiness together with my shopping.

When I unwrapped my shopping,
I was reminded of the time I spent in the shop and I felt the happiness again.

Therefore, I would like to recommend you to visit the shop,
 although the location  might not so easy to find.

I would like to share the feeling with many people.

Address/ 1497 Shimabukuro, Kita Nakagusuku village
Close/Sun, Mon. Tue. and Wednesday

Okinawa CLIP Photo writer by Ms.Ono