Okinawa Tourism Information:Aplacefullofnaturalenergy

A place full of natural energy

post : 2013.11.11 16:00

Feeling the lush greenery while gazing out at the blue sea, the water gushes forth and clear, cold water flows under our feet. Kakinohanahija is a place of healing loved by locals.

Hija is a water place.
Since ancient times, people have cherished water places for drinking, daily use and agriculture.

The entrance is a steep stone step slope.
A deep green covers all you can see,
as if having wandered into a forest.

If you go down the slope, you will see the wide ocean and sky, and cold water gushing forth profusely. On weekends, families come to this place and the adults relax on the benches and the children run around the water place.

On weekdays, when fewer people come here, it is recommended to spend the day in peace and quiet.

The gushing water and greenery, the ocean and the sky
This is a place full of natural energy, and just by being here the heart is healed in a mysterious way.

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer Sesoko Masayuki