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Marutama Seika Confectionary “Tan’nafakuru”

post : 2013.11.15 16:00

A round and plump shape with the sweet taste of brown sugar.
Tan’nafakuru, the sweet that has been loved by Okinawan people for more than a 100 years.

Everyone from Okinawa will tell you, “I ate these when I was a kid!”
I am sure many of you remember it!

Its strange name comes from “irukuru” (black color) and “Tan’nafa” , which was the nickname of founder ,Tamanaha,  is where this unique items is name comes from!

Even now with its third generation owner, the confectionary keeps handmaking the sweet same way it has always been made. About 7 employees bake 10,000 Tan’nafakuru a day.

If you never ate it before, please try this simple taste that has been longtime favorite of Okinawa.

Marutama Seika Confectionary
Address: 1-3-35 Makishi, Naha City
Phone Number: 098-867-2567
Operating Hours: 11:00am-7:00pm
Closed on Wednesdays


1-3-35 Makishi, Naha City