Okinawa Tourism Information:HandmadeaccessoriesofSpicalilyletyoufeelcharmsofOkinawa.

Handmade accessories of Spicalily let you feel charms of Okinawa.

post : 2015.04.12 18:00

Anklet with white-lip pearl oyster / baby size (above), female free size (below)

Some accessories are made using white-lip pearl oyster, which is a material unique to Okinawa, and some using beads of palm tree, which let you feel charms of the southern land.  Would you like to make an accessory to keep full of memories from your trip to Okinawa using such materials?

First, you talk with the designer about what kind of design you like, and choose materials.

“Spicalily” located in Maehara, Ginowan City deals in custom-made accessories.  A designer, Ms. Shuko Arashiro produces accesorries carefully one by one.

This time, I had an accessory custom-made for myself.  I talked with Arashiro-san my favorite image of Okinawan ocean and cheerful, tropical image special to the southern land.  Associating pink for bougainvillea, light blue for the sky of Okinawa, white for sand beach, we selected materials.

In the atelier and shop, a variety of accessories, each of which has different designs.  Among them, you can find your favorite design to tell her “I want to make this touch of design.”

When we decided the design and the materials, Arashiro-san started changing each of the materials into an accessory.

“I love seeing a lady sparkling at the moment she puts on an accessory.  I saw a lady who had never worn an accessory before started with small items and found new herself every time she tried a new item.  I am happy that I was with her in the “moment.”  I would really like many ladies to become beautiful through accessories,” said Arashiro-san with a smile.

Arashiro-san, who is from Osaka, moved to Ishigaki Island alone when she was 19 years old to study Okinawan folk songs.  When she started working in a handmade accessory shop on the island, she remembered that she had loved something brilliant and accessories since her childhood.   After that, her passion for making accessories had been increasing , she started studying designing and technique of making accessories and decided to become independent in mainland Okinawa. 

As she was chatting with me, Arashiro-san immediately and carefully made an accessory that I ordered.  Look at what a pretty pair of pierce she prouced!

It depends what kind of accessary she makes and how busy she is, but usually it takes about 30 minutes at shortest to have an accessory made for only yourself!

In addition to custom-made accessories, a variety of her accessories are displayed in the shop.   The colors and the designs that tickle ladies' heart make you feel something!  A pair of pierce which calls up an image of corals decorates your ears gorgesously.  

Bracelets and necklaces using palm tree beads, which are popular among both women and men, make excellent gifts.  Blue turquoise and red beads remind you of the ocean and the sun of Okinawa.

“Every single person whom I have met since the opening of this shop here until today made me what I am.  As I feel the importance of a solid connection with people, I would like visitors to join the “circle”,” said Arashiro-san.

In commemoration of your travel, why don't you make an accessory of your favorite color with designs that bring you back to the charms of Okinawa?  I am sure it will be an unforgetable memory.


Address: 3-10-15 Maehara, Ginowan City, Okinawa
TEL: 098-988-1431
Opening Hours: 12:00 to 20:00
Closed on Wednesdays

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer Akari Matsumura