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Home Made Sausage and Hotdog Shop Pukapukapu-ka

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This shop is located in nearby a park with a plenty of green trees in Urasoe city.
Their Sausages are so delicious that you would almost feel like whistling.

The sign board shows a lovely illustration of a pig and the name of the shop 「Pukapukapu-ka」.
It is such a unique name and you might feel like reading the name in voice.

Their Home Made Sausages are made from 100% local pork.

The owner's wife Mrs. Terui used to be engaged in a catering service of hors doeuvre.

She has once asked her friends 「What kind of Home Made food would you like to eat? 」,

Then, her friends replied,「Sausages! Because we do not quite understand the whole ingredients,
so we would like to eat sausages which ingredients are safe and trustworthy 」.
This is why she started making her Home Made Sausages and add them to the hors doeuvre menu,
 and opened this shop.

The Sausage meat is stuffed to sausage casing and tied one by one by hands.
Sometimes these Sausages are separated for smoking and boiling without smoking.
After being smoked, the Sausages have a very nice smoky flavor. When you take a deep breath,
you would feel so happy with the nice flavor.   

The shop can only produce  500 to 600 Sausages a day.
There are a variety kinds of Sausages such as Regular whistling pork Vienna sausage,
Horseshoe shaped spicy soft Chorizo sausage, Sausage with rich Basil flavor,
Local Rakkyo ( a kind of leek) sausage (seasonal),and Forest sausage with spinach and mushrooms.

As these sausage can be stocked for 1 week in refrigerator and 1 month in freezer.they are suitable
for seasonal greeting gifts.
You can trust the taste of simple and the best performing ingredients without any additives.
These Sausages are so tasty and you would feel like whistling,
so they can be a very good gift for you to express your gratitude to your dear friends. 
You would feel so happy if your dear friends also felt like whistling when they received the gift.

In addition to Home Made Sausages, Ham, Bacon, Char siu are also available.
There are many selections of cold meats and you can not eat them all at a time,
so you would look forward to going to the shop again.

The recommendable way of cooking is to fry both sides of a Whistling sausage in a little oil in a frying
pan to golden  color and stop heating and put on a lid and steam for 2 minutes.
When the gravy came out from the sausage, dress on a dish and eat while hot.

The regular Whistling pork Vienna is so crispy and juicy with a very nice smoky flavor.
It tastes so smooth and rich of the pork meat.
You can feel gentleness in the simple taste.

The atmosphere in the shop is like a lovely delicatessen in a foreign country,
and Hotdogs with Whistling sausage are sold in the shop.

It would be so nice to get your teeth into the Hotdog and  enjoy on a bench
in front of the shop on a clear and nice day. 
The set menu with seasonal soup is also available during lunch time and the most recommendable !

While I am writing this manuscript looking at the Hotdog picture , I feel so hungry.
The picture of Hotdog is so inviting my appetite and I feel like eating the Whistling sausage right now
Please try this attractive sausage but be careful of too much eating.

〔Mobile shop〕 
Oka no Chapel no Oniwa Ichi
Open/ November 24 (Mon), 2014
Time/ 11:00~16:00
Place/ Courtyard in Okinawa Christian University  

Processed Food Shop Pukapukapu-ka
Address/ 1-2-2, Corpo Nishihara 105, Nakama, Urasoe-city, Okinawa prefecture

Okinawa CLIP Photo writer by monobox(Mr. & Mrs. Kono)