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The Massive Mountain, Habu Shokudo Meat Soba

post : 2013.11.26 16:00

The massive mountain that tops the bowl is the meat soba of the Habu Shokudo.

While eating the sauteed meat and vegetables,

you wonder if you'll have enough room for the noodles below.


Many of the shokudo (diners) in Okinawa offer large portions,

but this is one of the top examples.

The lady cooks the dish in a lively manner

and provides nourishment to both people working in the Naha port as well as tourists.


Of course, the flavor is perfect. The folksy feel of the shop

is very fitting for a diner and the atmosphere is nice.

Those out there who are confident in finishing it should definitely try it.

4-22 Tondo-cho, Naha-shi

11:00 a.m~5:30 p.m.

Closed days: Sunday, Monday, Holidays and the end and beginning of the year.

OkinawaCLIP Photo Writer Masayuki Sesoko


4-22 Tondocho, Naha-shi