Okinawa Tourism Information:PiparchiKichen’scoldnoodletoppedwithplentyofOkinawaningredients!

Piparchi Kichen’s cold noodle topped with plenty of Okinawan ingredients!

post : 2015.07.14 19:00

“Piparchi Kitchen” is popular for plate menu items using lots of Okinawan ingredients which go well with rice.  Having heard that they started cold noodle only for summer, I immediately visited the shop.  I get intense cravings for cold noodle under the hot summer, but I feel hesitated to ask only for cold noodle at a yakiniku (Japanese-style BBQ) restaurant.  And this happy news came to me in a perfect timing!!  And on top of that, I can enjoy cold noodle in a shop with natural taste, full of warmth of wood.  How lovely!

I ordered Piparchi Kictchen’s cold noodle right away.

Ohh!  Wow!!!  Their cold noodle is topped with a lot of Okinawan ingredients including crispy umibudou (a kind of seaweed), Okinawan round-shaped lady fingers, mozuku (a kind of seaweed), chomeiso (sakuna or Peucedanum japonicum), bright purple handama (Okinawan spinach, a family of chrysanthemum), etc.

Cold noodle silky to slurp and chewy to taste and vinegar according to your taste will surely blow off the summer heat in Okinawa.  Especially I was surprised to find that cold noodle and umibudou makes a perfect match!  You will be amazed by a collaboration of the addictive taste and good texture of ingredients.

Piparchi Kitchen is a small restaurant run by a couple, Mr. & Mrs. Ikeshiro from Ishigaki Island.  It is so attractive that you can savor dishes prepared using lots of Okinawan vegetables and ingredients to your fill.  The most popular menu item is hamburger steak cooked using piparch, which is used for the name of the shop.

This plump pottery with warm feeling is made by Mr. Ikeshiro, the owner of the shop.

Piparchi (Java long pepper) is rare island pepper grown in Yaeyama Islands.  In Yaeyama Islands, people often sprinkle it over Okinawa soba noodle. 

Customers become fans of this fluffy, juicy hamburger steak seasoned simply with salt and piparchi and visit the shop repeatedly.  They serve half-polished rice which is freshly delivered every day for Piparchi Kichen plate menu.  This is one of the main reasons why they keep producing many fans. 

You can not only have enough with delicious meals but also enjoy handmade potteries and delicately served food on them with your eyes.

This is a cute space like a café, but is actually a restaurant which makes you full.

In summer, when you feel like eating high-volume foods like hamburger steak or when you feel like eating simple cold noodle because of small appetite from the summer heat, either of when, please come to Piparchi Kitchen!

Hoping that everybody feel free to enter their restaurant, Mr. & Mrs. Ikeshiro are waiting for you at Piparchi Kichen with beautiful smiles. 

You might want to visit Piparchi Kitchen, which is run by Yasunobu san and Mariya san.

Piparchi Kitchen
Address: 2-6-16, Nishi, Naha City, Okinawa
TEL: 098-988-4743
Opening Hours: 10:00 to 15:30 (LO 15:00) 18:00 to 22:00 (LO 21:00)
Closed on Thursdays & Fridays
Parking: Available

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