Okinawa Tourism Information:Ocean,forest,andhorses…Unknown,sophisticatedspaceforadults“YanbaruLOHAS”

Ocean, forest, and horses…Unknown, sophisticated space for adults “Yanbaru LOHAS”

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Gesashi Bay in Higashi Village is well known for evergreen hirugi (Rhizophoraceae) plants, which is the symbol of the southern land.  A western-style house stands alone on a low hill of 12m above sea level, which looks over this beautiful estuary.  Even in the distance, you can see a sophisticated atmosphere.  Pension LOHAS, which is a private resort pension for only two couples a day, is known by only the limited number of people.

The site surrounded by the subtropical plants which stretch out the branches healthily is about 2,000 tsubo (about 6,600㎡).  A gazebo, a hummock, a swing, and benches fit naturally into the spacious garden. 

The sea is just in front of the accommodation.  After going down on a gentle slope, you can find a literally private beach.  When you look at the sea surface, you can see canoes of a variety of colors going forward slowly.   

Two types of guestrooms on the second floor are available by advance reservation only.  If you would like to spend time like a celebrity, please don’t hesitate to choose “Private Villa,” a prime-quality space of 60㎡.  A little sense of luxury found in interior decorating, furnishings, bedding, sanitary, etc. creates an extraordinary atmosphere.  In addition to that, the villa comes with a kitchen, so why don’t you enjoy a long stay here?

The photo “Private Villa” 5 items: Shige

If you would like to enjoy a casual stay at a reasonable price, “Room Tamashida,” a cottage of 30㎡ is available.  The best charm of the cottage is a wooden Jacuzzi by the veranda.  When you sink yourself in a comfortably warm water in the great nature, it will completely relieve your fatigue from travel. 

Either of the two can offer you a lush green of Yanbaru forest and a pure ocean view away from the hustle and bustle of the south or along the western coast. 

The cafeteria is on the first floor, where you can enjoy dazzling natural sunlight.  As an option, you can have breakfast for 1,080 yen (including tax).  It is fun to have yuntaku (a chat) with friendly staff who love nature.  You can ask them about canoe experience at Gesashi Bay especially in this season and unknown must-see spots of Higashi Village.

By the way, why was such a lovely pension built in a place there is nothing special else to see in Higashi Village?  An owner of a spatial and environmental design company renovated his own villa and opened it in 2010.  I see.  No wonder high quality appear everywhere around the pension.    

And above anything else, the charm found only in Yanbaru LOHAS is “Time with a horse.”

The owner keeps a friendly, gentle horse called kai (male) and a little naughty, energetic one called carmen (female).  Not a few visitors come here repeatedly attracted by the original horse programs such as horse riding experience, horse riding therapy by the two clever thoroughbreds.  Of course it would be excellent to walk along the beach.  It is best to visit here now because a gradation of blue and green on water surface is really beautiful in this time of the year. 

A peaceful time you spend with horses in a clear air at the seaside of Yanbru....I cannot find any word else except blissfulness. 

A slow, natural private stay will take you to a new Okinawan time that you have never experienced. 

I made another unforgettable memory.

Yanbaru LOHAS  

Address: Inside of Uppama Kurabu 167-2 Gesashi, Kunigami County, Okinawa
TEL: 0980-43-2884
Price: [Private Villa] 16,200 yen or more, [Room Tamashida] 5,400 yen or more
    (including tax / per night, per person)
Check-In & Check-Out Time: 16:00 / 10:00
Official Website:

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer  Kiwamu Ogawa (Qey Word)

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