Okinawa Tourism Information:OnlyforSummer!TryHorseRidinginBlueWaterofKumeIsland!

Only for Summer! Try Horse Riding in Blue Water of Kume Island!

post : 2015.07.27 19:00

Would you like to try horse riding in Kume Island?  Right after crossing the bridge from Kume Island, you will find Ou Island, where you can enjoy horse riding in the water! 

Some people might wonder that there are horses in Kume Island, but families in Okinawa have raised horses as work animals since a long time ago.   Horseback riding experience started in Kume Island four years ago when two horses remaining in Kume Island were taken by Kume Island Horse Ranch. 

Horses are put out to pasture on the abandoned cultivated area and live while eating weeds cleanly.  Instead of keeping them in a small horse stable, depasturage helps to reduce stress causing in horses.   Thanks to that, horses are having good communication with people.  Why don’t you come and meet friendly horses?

You might be curious what kind of play is the hose riding in the water.  Here I would like to introduce you the experience program by report!

As you decided on an experience date, you will meet at a designated place (B&G, etc.)!  (According to the tide level of the day, time and place for the experience are subject to change.)

When you go into the water, you will wash the body of the horses cleanly with sea water before riding on them.  Horses look very comfortable.   By having a heartfelt care for them, you can establish a good relationship with horses. 

By the way, speaking of horseback riding, you might have an image of riding on a saddle, but for the horse riding in the water, you ride on the horse without saddle.  Maybe you are worried about if it is safe to ride with no saddle.  Even if you slip off and fall into the water, it is safe because of buoyancy in shallow water.  Most importantly, you can hardly have an opportunity to experience how it feels like to ride directly on the horse, can’t you?

In addition, you will go behind the horse, lie on your back, and float on the water.  The horse will pull you forward while you hold the tail.  You will feel really comfortable!    

Now, we would like to have comments from customers who tried the horse riding in the water.

“Now I live in Hokkaido and there are horses in my neighborhood.  I had an image that horses are not so friendly to people; however, I could touch horses and enjoy their warmth and friendliness in Kume Island.” 

Mr. Inoue, the president said, “Horses have emotions close to those of humans, so if they are kept in a small staple or have restrictions in food and exercises, they get frustrated.  Horses on our ranch have less stress, so they have been building up a good relationship with people.”   That’s why, it is possible here for you to go behind the horse to hold the tail.

I asked a comment from a boy first grader of the elementary school, he said, “I felt like I became a friend of the horse.  I love horses!”  It would be fantastic to touch animals and play together in the water of Kume Island, which is full of nature.  The scene of a small boy walking while pulling a horse next to him alone can tell the whole thing.  Why don’t you experience the hose riding in the water in Kume Island?

Inquiries: Kume Island Horse Ranch
TEL: 080-6491-1950
Horse Riding in the Water/ 45minutes, 8,000 yen (tax excluded) ※Only for Summer

Official Website:

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Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer   Hiroshi Kuwamura (KUWA)