Okinawa Tourism Information:SunrisewhichrisesfromthecreviceofMifugaonKumeIsland

Sunrise which rises from the crevice of Mifuga on Kume Island

post : 2015.08.14 18:00

Kume Island is located about 30 minutes away by airplane, and about 3 hours by ferry from Naha City.
There is a spot called “Mifuga” on this island, and it is located as huge rocks cuddle each other.
There is a legend that when women visit and pray here, they will be blessed with good children.

Facing Gushikawa Castle Ruins is on the left, and after going down a slope on the right which looks like a winding road, you will be reached at Mifuga. It is believed that it was formed when 2 rocks clashed each other 4 million years ago.

Anybody can view the morning sun from the crevice of the rock for about a week from mid to late July.

After I heard the story from the local people on this island, I left the hotel on the following morning before sunrise, when it is still dark outside. The sun rose at 5:55, and the sky gradually turned into red.

A moment later, the sunlight started to show up from the crevice!

When the sun went up, the strong morning sun started streaming down. Wow, what a celestial light!

When I entered the crevice under the rock, I felt a burst of power while having the morning sun.  

Just for few days, the morning sun that can be witnessed for only a short time. It was very mysterious, and I was touched by it. 

Lots of Easter lilies fill this spot on every spring. The rock on the left also has a tremendous impact, and anybody can feel more power from it. This rock is called “the battleship rock.”  

Not many people on this island know about the sunrise, so how about visiting this spot when you visit Kume Island during this time?

About 5 mins by car from Kumejima Airport

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer Masumi Sasamoto