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“Nagadoya,” a specialty shop where you can enjoy Nakijin Agoo

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Do you know “Nakijin Agoo”?  Nakijin Agoo are the only “pork” of pigs that are reared to keep preserving genes of Ryukyuan indigenous breeds!  Although we have “Agoo” as a popular pork produced in Okinawa, Nakijin Agoo are completely different from Agoo because Nakijin Agoo belong to a group of Asian pigs and wild boars, and consist of DNA of different breeds.  “Nakijin Agoo” are grown up in a nature-rich environment in Nakijin Village, which is located in the northern part of Okinawa. 

I visited a pig farm of Nakijin Agoo Private Limited, which rears Nakijin Agoo.  Today I met Nakijin Agoo for the first time!

Nakijin Agoo are much smaller than I thought.  The adult pigs of both male and female are about 70kg to 100kg, and they are about one third the size of Western pigs.  Nakijin Agoo have an early maturity period and a short growth period, so they will be mother pigs in about three months.  With the whole body covered with black hair, Nakijin Agoo characteristically have a largely sunken back and a belly hanging down which almost touches the ground.  As Nakijin Agoo are gentle, the breeder carefully rear them according to the island time and environment of Okinawa by mud-bathing them in the wallow, or putting out them to grass in a relaxed fashion in order not to leave them feeling stressed.

This is Mr. Takada, a handsome gentleman from a farming corporation Nakijin Agoo Private Limited.  You can see how small Nakijin Agoo are if you compare them with Takada-san. 

I would like to introduce a specialty shop of Nakijin Agoo where you can savor the delicious taste of such valuable Nakijin Agoo.

Having the beautiful sky, wind, and forest of Yanbaru in Tamashiro, Nakijin Village, “Nagadoya” stands in such an intact nature.  You can enjoy Nakijin Agoo cuisine in a space where you feel the warmth of wood, something nostalgic, and a comfort. 

The landmark of Nagadoya, Main Shop is a wooden house with a triangular red-tiled roof.

An especially popular menu item is “Nakijin Agoo Shabu Shabu.” 

The phot shows loin.  In Nagadoya, after you order the menu item, they cut a block of pork into slices as they arrange them on dish!

Nakijin Agoo have thin muscle fibers and a crisp texture.  As the melting point for their fats is low, you can clearly tell the taste on your tongue.  And on top of that, it is very healthy as fats do not remain in your body.  Submerge a slice of pork into the boiling water and swing it back and forth several times. When you put it into your mouth, the high quality sweetness spreads throughout your mouth, which makes you want to shout with glee “Delicious!!”  The meat is soft, has a strong but refreshing savory taste, and no smell.  Wow, maybe I can eat this as much as I like! (LOL)  I cannot put down my chopsticks!

Also they would like everybody to enjoy the delicious taste of Nakijin Agoo to the fullest, so they are very particular about vegetables and seasonings.  They use Okinawan vegetables grown in Yanbaru (the northern mountainous area of Okinawa), mainly in Nakijin Village.  Seasonal vegetables with lots of energy of Yanbaru is very special.  Some customers come to Nagadoya for their vegetables!  You can eat vegetables as much as you enjoy their meat. 

For seasoning, they never use chemical seasoning nor additives but all their house-made seasonings.  For ponzu (citrus based sauce) for Shabu Shabu, they use shikuwasa (Okinawan lime), and for spice, they use shikuwasa skin and island pepper to create simple flavor.  Their original seasonings bring out the delicious taste of Nakijin Agoo even more.

In addition to Shabu Shabu, Nagadoya has a variety of menu items including BBQ over charcoal stove, hamburger steak, pasta, curry and rice, etc. of Nakijin Agoo. 

Nakijin Agoo BBQ over charcoal stove!  You might have an intense craving for it in a hot summer season. 

As they would like more people to know about Nakijin Agoo, they opened the second shop “Nagadoya Omoromachi Bettei” in Omoromachi, which is situated in the center of Naha City, as a restaurant where people can savor both of Nakijin Agoo and seasonal Yanbaru ingredients. 

“Nagadoya Omoromachi Bettei”

In addition to a sitting-style private room, a private room with a table and chairs is available. 

“Nagodoya Omoromachi Bettei” has a high-class atmosphere, which reminds you of “ryotei (a type of luxurious traditional Japanese restaurant).  As there are private rooms and seats with partitions, the restaurant is recommended for those who would like to spend a relaxed time in private or for holding a party. 

The restaurant presents a variety of course meals.  As a course meal for one person is available, you can visit there casually. 

They have a large collection of Awamori, Okinawan liquor, mainly awamori in Yanbaru, so you can enjoy time drinking Yanbaru awamori with Nakijin Agoo cuisine that is carefully prepared. 

Pork is familiar to Okinawan people so that it is not too much to say that we cannot talk about Okinawan cuisine without mentioning about pork.  In earlier times, pork was so precious that the people could eat it only on a celebratory or sacred occasion.  As our food culture has been influenced by western culture, different types and characteristics of processed meat are on the market now.  Nakijin Agoo, which is raised in Nakijin Village, is said to be recognized as a very similar one to the Ryukyuan indigenous breeds bred before the war.  Please enjoy the taste of Nakijin Agoo, which have the characteristics of the indigenous breeds that are carefully preserved and remain strong.  You will surely be impressed by the taste so that you are glad from the bottom of your heart that you came to the restaurant.    

 Nakijin Agoo Pork Speciality Restaurant “Nagadoya”

 “Main Shop”

Address: 710-1 Tamashiro, Nakijin Village, Kunigami County, Okinawa
TEL: 0980-56-4782
Opening Hours: 17:00 to 24:00 (L.O.22:00)
Closed on Wednesdays
Parking Available

“Omoromachi Shop”

Address: 4-17-17 Omoromachi, Naha City, Okinaw
TEL: 098-917-0206
Opening Hours: 17:00 to 24:00 (L.O.23:00)
Opens 365 Days A Year
No Parking Available

Official Website:

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