Okinawa Tourism Information:LightsFillYourHeart!AHideawayBeachofKurimaIslandWhereYouCanMeetClownFish

Lights Fill Your Heart! A Hideaway Beach of Kurima Island Where You Can Meet Clown Fish

post : 2015.09.27 19:00

I found a hideaway beach called Nagamahama Beach at Kurima-jima Island, where you can get by crossing Kurima Ohashi Bridge from Miyako main island. 

After I made a turn at the sign which is difficult to notice, I witnessed vivid colors lying over one another which seemed as if they had been bouncing back heavy, strong summer sunshine.  Reddish soil, sugarcane fields, greeneries of wind-breaking trees, and the sea beyond that…  A small path stretched out toward the sea guided me ahead. 


What does a beach I found for the first time look like?  I stopped the car in front of wind-breaking trees.  When I walk down on the white sand path, I always feel excited.  As I felt awkward with my feet caught by sand sometimes, I went further on and on. 



In the view stretching out before you is a horizon.  With restless waves of breathtakingly beautiful transparent waters, the sand beach was shining white.  Beach plants like adan (screw pine) and monpanoki (velvet soldierbush) seemed as if they were fully absorbing the sun lights.  


In the distance, you can enjoy the whole view of Irabu Ohashi Bridge, which makes a graceful arc. 


In front of trees for sand prevention, a young man was selling shaved ice, iced coffee, etc.  As I followed his kind information, after a short swimming with snorkeling gears, I could find a coral reef where many clown fish families live. 


There are only a lifesaver ring and a bottle of vinegar for the case of someone getting stung by a box jellyfish.  As there are no beach houses which are usually crowded with customers for marine activities, this beach is a precious place for you to appreciate the calmness of the earth as it is and eternal time.  While gazing at sparkling blue stretching out to the horizon, I felt that I could understand the heart of Okinawan people in the old time who felt “There was a kind of utopia called Nirai Kanai far out in the sea.”


I would recommend this beach when you feel like just gazing at the sea without thinking about anything. 

*As there is a strong tide current, no protected swimming areas, and no lifeguards, please take full care of yourself while swimming. 


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Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer  Aya Asakura