Okinawa Tourism Information:4FantasticSceneryofOkinawaMakeYouWantToStayThereForever!

4 Fantastic Scenery of Okinawa
Make You Want To Stay There Forever!

post : 2015.09.30 18:00

Okinawa is famous for its emerald ocean and white sand beach. Besides that, there are still much more that Okinawa can show you. This is the list of fantastic scenery of Okinawa. Immerse yourself in amazing Okinawan world.

1. Blue Cave - Popular Spot Among Divers

The Blue Cave in Onna Village is the popular spot that attracts many divers. The sun light from the entrance of the cave reflects on the seabed and creates this beautiful blue color. Many coincidence of the nature occurring at the same time make the water crystal clear.

The Island Club provides tour of the Blue Cave and rental diving suits, and they will teach how to dive, so people who have never done diving can learn and enjoy the beauty of Okinawa.

This is just like a scene from a movie!

Information of the Blue Cave:
Address: 469-1 Maeda, Onna Village, Okinawa
Phone: 098-982-5339 ( Cape Maeda Facility Management Office )

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2. Breath-Taking Beauty of Sunset

Sunset is "Akokuro" in Okinawan dialect. Around the "Akokuro" time, the very moment of the day turning into the night is when you can see the fantastic scenery , sun going down slowly, on the western coast. This scenery , can be only seen in a sunny day, will definitely be the best memory of your trip.

Many people go to the coast just to see the sunset.

The face of the sky changes every day with the amounts of clouds. Take a picture of the beautiful moments that you only encounter once in your life.

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3.  "Toguchi Beach" the Sunset Spot That Also Attracts Locals

"Toguchi Beach" in Yomitan Village is the stunning sunset location, not so known to tourists. Watching the sunset will ease your daily stress. Enjoy the relaxing moment of the Okinawan nature with your family or partener.

Information of Toguchi Beach:

Address: 228 Toguchi, Yomitan Village, Okinawa ( adjacent to Tomarigusuku Park )

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4. Coral Reefs Release Eggs: A Miracle Moment Only Happens Once A Year

The place that you can see coral reefs releasing eggs is "SeaSeed", which is the first facility that successed in breeding coral reefs. Coral reefs releasing eggs can be only seen once a year, and it is around June. The moment that tiny pink-colored coral eggs swimming in the tank is something that you cannot see very often. To predict the precise timing of egg producing is so difficult that people who are lucky can only get to see.

There are many coral reefs in the water tanks.

These small pink dots are eggs of coral reefs. It is as if snowing in the ocean.

Information of the SeaSeed
Address: 915 Takashiho, Yomitan Village, Okinawa
Phone : 098-982-9988

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