Okinawa Tourism Information:Enjoyyourtripasifyouwerelivinginaseasidehouse!Anaccommodation&caféofMiyakoIsland“ANCHOR”

Enjoy your trip as if you were living in a seaside house! An accommodation & café of Miyako Island “ANCHOR”

post : 2015.09.22 19:00

An endless summer house with a spacious living room, a wide lawn garden, a very blue sea stretching out to the horizon before your eyes, an ocean view from the bed room, and an ultimate sense of openness is situated on the southern coast of Miyako Island.

The house was originally built as a private residence by an art-loving owner. It was renovated into a café & accommodation “ANCHOR,” and was opened to the public in June, 2015.


It makes you feel like you are in the best-kept secret, being a little away from the downtown.  No wonder that artists and entertainers visit incognito.  The owner of the café is familiar with a variety of marine activities, so he can make arrangements for surfing, SUP surfing, diving, etc. upon a prior request. 

The café menu includes a variety of regular menu items of a southern island café like Taco Rice, mojito, smoothies, etc.   


You can choose one of the two staying plans: renting for the whole second floor or renting the whole house.  If you rent the whole house, the café is closed and you can keep the whole house including the garden only to yourself.  Even if you are with a child, you can have a comfortable stay without worrying about the people around you. 


If you make a request in advance, they can arrange a BBQ set including charcoal and ingredients.  Feeling the ocean breeze, you can sit on a day bed and enjoy beer while gazing at the sea at sunset.  Enjoy sizzling the meat.  You can use the sound system at the café for music. 


BBQ is available even if you don’t stay here.  It costs 3,000 yen per person with all you can drink alcohol for a group of 10 or more.  This is a perfect place for a party for many people to have fun without worrying about the last bus or driving back home.  If you rent the whole house, they can provide a free BBQ set service.  With a payment of 10,000 yen, all-alcohol-you-can-drink is provided. 


You wish you could relax to your heart content with close friends without being self-conscious for long-awaited holidays. 

“ANCHOR” can make your wish come true.


Garden BBQ&Stay ANCHOR

Address: 608-2 Aza-Tomori, Gusukube, Miyakojima City, Okinawa

TEL: 0980-77-4771

Direction: About 20 minutes from Miyako Airport by car

Parking: Available for about 10 cars

Accommodation: Free Wifi, towel, shampoo, rinse, body soap, slippers, dryer,

tooth brush, refrigerator, electric pot, air conditioning, and TV

Plan for Renting the Whole House: washing machine, microwave oven, coffee maker, drying area, vacuum cleaner, piano, pot, frying pan, plates, chopsticks, kitchen paper, dish detergent, cutting board, kitchen knife, cups, and three stove burners  

Accommodation: (renting the whole 2nd floor) 7,000 yen per person for 2 to 4

persons, 6,000 yen per person for 5 or more persons

              (renting the whole house) 40,000 yen per house for 2 to 4

persons, 8,000 yen per person for 5 or more persons


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Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer: Aya Asakura