Okinawa Tourism Information:AnExcellentItalianCuisineYouCanEnjoyOnlyat“DONCOLIISM”inMiyakoIsland

An Excellent Italian Cuisine You Can Enjoy Only at “DONCOLI ISM” in Miyako Island

post : 2015.09.26 19:00

In the “DONCOLI ISM,” which stands on the main street of the downtown Miyakojima City, you can savor meals prepared with tender care by the owner chef, Mr. Naoki Mochizui. 

This is “Chef’s Special Course” when I visited the restaurant.An appetizer includes carpaccio of Sarahama skipjack tuna directly delivered from Sarahama Fishing Boat of Irabu Island, goya (bitter gourd) -and-pork omelet, DONCOLI popular pate served with dragon fruit mustard sauce, pickled moui (red gourd), goya, dragon fruit bud, and cucumber, foie gras and homemade brioche.

After traveling around Italy for three months, he moved there for training of cooking Italian cuisine.  When he visited Miyako Island for the first time, he felt the same atmosphere as found in Sicily.  “When I saw the elderly men chatting with alcohol at the beach, I thought “This is Sicily!”  I flashed back to when I was in Sicily.”


The second dish of “Chef’s Special” is a pasta of haibakama (Japanese name: Ayakoshoudai), aasa, tomato, and asari.  You will be pleased with slight flavor of shiikuwaasaa (Okinawan lime). 

It is said that Miyako Island is full of a variety of ingredients such as pork, beef, fresh fish, vegetables, and fruits even though it is a small island.  “I directly do business with producers to get everything fresh and good to cook them right away.  There is nothing more luxurious than this for chefs.”  For Mochizuki san, who learned the attitude toward cooking “Let customers enjoy the most delicious one of the day,” Miyako Island is a perfect place to open his restaurant. 

The third dish of “Chef’s Special” is a homemade layers of flat pasta Bolognese with Miyako Beef.  As the chef directly serves meals to your plate, he kindly tells you about the served dish. 

DONCOLI ISM’s A La Carte menu includes appetizers, main dishes, salads, desserts, etc., but if you are hungry enough, “Chef’s Special Course” is recommended.  As it includes an assorted appetizers, two kinds of pasta, main dish, and dessert, you can fully enjoy the blessings of the island to your heart’s content. 

The main dish of “Chef’s Special” is roasted pork of pig breeds raised in Miyako Island, which is seasoned with island pepper, rosemary, garlic, etc. 

A variety of dishes have a simple taste but an additional punch of flavor and texture, which shows the professional chef’s techniques.  With the delicious taste of every dish, smile comes automatically in your face.  A face of someone whom you would like to come with here next time will be in your mind. 

Over the counter, you can see how skillfully Mochizuki san and his staff cook just like a live show.  When they are available, you can enjoy conversation with them.  He moved from “DONCOLINO” to “DONCOLI ISM” because he hoped that he would be able to communicate closely with customers, which is impossible in a spacious restaurant hall.  You can have a luxurious time to enjoy meals while directly listening to the chef about how much he is committed to selecting good ingredients and his philosophy of cooking.   


In order to enjoy the atmosphere, they give kind consideration not to allow elementary school children and younger unless they use a private room.

As Mochizuki san enjoy walking with his dog at Painagama Beach every morning, he is impressed by the richness of the sea of Miyako Island, which shows different expressions each day.  He said, “I enjoy the best happiness as I live in my favorite place and do my favorite cooking.”  His love for Miyako Island is surely put into his meals as a hidden flavor.

DONCOLI ISM is in the central part of downtown of Hirara.  Many diners are lines up in the neighborhood. 



Address: 597 Aza-Shimozato, Hirara, Miyakojima City, Okinawa

Opening Hours: 18:00 to 24:00

Closed on Tuesdays

The number of Seats: 12 seats at the counter and 1 private room

TEL: 0980-79-0978

Official Website:

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer  Aya Asakura