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Okinawan Unique and Popular Crafts!

post : 2015.11.21 20:00

The shop is located in Yonabaru town, southern part of Okinawa island, and it is just a couple of minutes drive from beach. A name of the shop is "Yuna". The name came from "Yunabaru", this is how this town is called in Okinawan dialect. They have many crafts, such as pottery ceramics, textiles, and accessories that were created by popular artists in Okinawa.

Then you get close to the door, you will see the door knob is shaped Y, the initial of the shop!! Even before entering the shop, I have feelings that I wil definitely find something that I like.

The shop is packed with many crafts!

This "AIUEO Hanko" made by art unit, Kanimega, is only sold at Yuma and if you look at them closer, you will see illustrations of Okinawan foods or people or culture. 

Japanese character Shi is with Shi-Sa(guardian lions), Ra is Shima Rakkyou(Okinawan shallots). Mi is Miyazato Ai(professional golfer), and Yo is Gushiken Yoko(former boxer). You can buy them from one piece.

This is another crafts by Kanimega, called "Ryukyu Hanafuda"(Japanese Playing Cards). It also has Okinawan illustrations.

For example, instead of a crane that traditional Hanafuda has, there is an Okinawan rail. Then, boar turns into an Okinawan pig, and a dear becomes a goat. Tree peony is replaced by hibiscus.

These are T-shirts and hand towels by doucatty. They do everything from drawing to dying by themselves. Okinawa Soba T-shirt catches people's eye.

Another popular crafts are from Toy Road Work, Ryukyu papier mache maker's Karuta cards.

This colorful small bag for salt is from Hataori Kobo Shiyon Okinawa. Since ancient times, the small bag with salt has been used as a lucky charm that keeps evil spirits away.

For dishware, how about Glass Studio Ruri's glassware? There are plates and jugs.

Cute dishware from petit papillon are microwave safe.

Broach of bear with big eyes and coasters are cute too!

These lovable ceramics are from Katsukiya Workshop. These unique crafts are ninjas transformed themselves as a dragon and a frog and they look as if they are fighting each other.

Butter knives and wooden spatulas from Fukugi Works have a good reputation that they are easy to use.

Items from @RH LEATHER BASE use authentic leather and they have everything from wallets to bags.

Besides all of these things above, there are accessories from ci.cafu and note books from MIREI and Naka Hajime. There are so many things to look at!

About 80% of the crafts are from artists located in Okinawa. Staff will explain thoroughly about each crafts at the shop where much sunlight come in.

This shop wants itself to become like a meddling grandma who pays too much attention to others. They want to ddeliver the passion and ideas that artists put into crafts and explain it to customers.

At the same time, in this world where there are abundant disposable goods, they want to teach the importance of using good commodity longer. In order to do so, they gathered many crafts that everyone will love so that people won't get bored with using crafts.

The moment when you look for souvenirs having a conversation with friendly staffs will be a good time of your journey. Find your favorite crafts at Yuna!

Address: 548 Yonabaru, Yonabaru town, Okinawa
Phone: 098-988-8792
Open: 10:30~19:30
Closed on Wednesdays


Okinawa CLIP Photowriter: Akiko Ono