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Fluffy Tube Cake Using Plenty of Fresh Eggs! Delicious Sweets from “CAKE & EGG” in Haebaru Town

post : 2015.12.26 19:00

Cake gorgeously decorated with plenty of cream, chocolate and fruits satisfies you as a special treat.  On the other hand, sweets with simple, homely flavor won’t get you bored even if you have it every day.

A limited company “Moromizato Egg House,” which operates a chicken farm, opened a cake shop “CAKE & EGG” in Haebaru Town, Okinawa.  The shop has been loved by the locals and so popular that customers come one after another during the opening hours.  The father of the shop owner, Ms. Mari is a president of the chicken farm, and she had been wondering if she could make something using delicious eggs.  That’s how she came up with the idea of opening the cake shop.

Eggs used for sweets of “CAKE & EGG” are “Koganemori” from hens fed with Phaffia rhodozyma, which is rich in Astaxanthin, an antioxidant substance, seaweed, yomogi (mugwort), pyroligneous acid, and EM (Effective Microorganism).  “Compared to ordinary eggs, “Kogenemori” has higher antioxidant properties, so it has been said to help you rejuvenate yourself and prevent dementia.  As it has less raw smell, the eggs are perfect for tamagogae goban (rice mixed with raw egg and soy sauce),” said China san.   In the shop, eggs which are given by broiler chickens from when they start laying eggs up to 3 weeks are sold as well.  Not a few customers buy the eggs together with cake. 

And on top of that, the shop provides a vending machine where you can buy fresh eggs 24 hours a day outside of the shop.

Their most popular item is surprisingly fluffy tube cake having soft mouthfeel.  Once you bite it, the delicious taste makes you smile automatically.  Ingredients are so simple that you can enjoy the natural flavor of the ingredients.  There are six different flavors including a regular flavor of vanilla, cocoa, black tea, pumpkin, beniimo (purple-colored sweet potato) from Miyako Island, maccha (fine green tea).  They are sold in rotation in the shop.  It is best to eat on the day of purchase, but they say that you can keep the delicious taste for three days if you store it in a refrigerator.  The tube cake with a plain flavor is recommended for breakfast.

Another item as popular as the tube cake is “Chura Tamago Roll,” which is made using a combination of condensed milk and dairy cream.  Impressed by a moist, glutinous texture, you might want to try the good taste again and again.  “Chura Tamago Pudding,” which is prepared using eggs 1.5 times more than ordinary pudding, has a mellow, rich flavor.  It is velvety to the palate, so if you have an image of an ordinary pudding, you can experience a little surprise.  No wonder there are many male fans of the pudding. 

You cannot miss “Cookie Cream Puff,” which has the crispy outside.  As they would like customers to enjoy this pleasing texture, they fill in cream right after they receive an order.  You can choose homemade custard cream or coffee cream. 

The shop is certified as “Shop of Okinawan Ingredients,” which provides more than half of the menu items that use local ingredients throughout the year.  “CAKE & EGG” always tries to create menu items to bring out the natural flavor of ingredients without using preservatives or additives. 

Would you like to try sweets of “CAKE & EGG,” which brings you a warm, gentle feeling?   


Address: 361 Teruya, Haebaru Town, Shimajiri County, Okinawa
TEL: 098-889-8653
Opening Hours: 11:00 to 19:00(24 hours for vending machine for eggs)
Opens 365 Days a Year

Okinawa CLIP Photowriter  Sachiko