Okinawa Tourism Information:"StickyCartilageSoki"madeofcartilagesoki,andBlueberrywithredwine+balsamicsauce

"Sticky Cartilage Soki" made of cartilage soki, and Blueberry with red wine + balsamic sauce

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When you travel somewhere, you might like to see the local supermarkets. It is interesting to see something local like supermarkets and farmers markets. It has been almost for three years since I moved to Okinawa. Everything is new to me. For instance, vegetables such as "Hamada", "Fu-chiba", "Nigana", "Mo-ui", and "Na-bera", all I never seen in mainland Japan. Some more examples, Yakisoba, Udon, Okinawa Soba for noodles, "Irabucha", "Mi-bai", "Taman" for fish, and powder, margarine, bread. They are all unfamiliar in mainland Japan, I would like to introduce them in the near future. 

If you go traveling somewhere, please stop by a local market. It is interesting to see what kind of food the local people have.

At this 2nd column of my "Sachiko's Sake Nibbles" Okinawa recipe, I introduce one recipe that is made of my favorite food "Cartilage Soki".

"Soki" means pork ribs in Okinawa. Hon soki is spareribs with bones, and "Nankotsu Soki" is with cartilage. This is popular with people in Okinawa, and often see on Okinawa Soba. Nitsuke(boiled in soy sauce) is popular one of Okinawa's traditional food. This is Japanese food but comes good with red wine, here is the recipe here we go!

Nankotsu Soki with blueberry and red wine + balsamic sauce

Foodstuffs for 2 persons

Cartilage pork ribs 500g
Garlic 1 piece
Baby leaf 1 leaf

For Sauce

Blueberry 40g
Balsamic vinegar 2tbsp
Soy sauce 1tbsp
Honey 1tbsp

How to cook

1. Put water and pork ribs into a deep pot and boil it. Throw away the boiled water after scum come out. Rinse pork ribs with water and put it in to pressure cooker with baby leaf and garlic, then put it on the fire. Turn down the heat after vent is up and wait for 40minutes. Turn off the heat till the vent comes down.

2. While simmering, start making sauce. Put all the foodstuffs for sauce into frying pan and simmer to dealcoholize. Its done when the sauce gets sticky.

3. Put pork ribs, 5tbsp of simmered water, and sauce into a big frying pan and stir fry. Done!

Cartilage Soki with sticky texture has a lot of collagen. Combination of Cartilage Soki and sour sauce is awesome. It is good to use raisin, cranberry, prune, or fig instead of blueberry.

Prepare a bottle of red wine for the food. It's good to match melon for raw ham, citrus or apples  for chicken or pork, and berries for beef. Please try any kinds of matches, and hopefully it helps to expand your repertoire of recipes.

Okinawa Photo/Writer Sachiko

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