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Hidden spot to enjoy cherry blossom

post : 2016.03.07 15:00

Best season for cherry blossom is now in Okinawa! The spot well-known only to those in the know. There is a couple of spots to enjoy cherry blossom while you're driving like a famous spot, Yaedake area. The bloom in Yaedake is unfortunately almost done, but the there is still good places.

First spot to introduce is in Oshikawa, Ohgimi. There are Kanhizakura trees on both sides of the street. After passing Shioya (in Ohgimi) community to Oshikawa, there will be arch-shaped branch of trees.

Unlike the other famous spots, there is almost no traffic so that you can park and spend some time to take photos.

If you're lucky, you'll be able to see Japanese white-eye birds while taking photos.

Ocean view behind the cherry trees if you turn around. Beautiful combination of ocean blue and cherry pink.

Beautiful view from the top of the mountain! View of Shioya bay, Yagaji-jima, Nago, and Nakijin.

On west side view at sunset, above photos is taken. Stroboscope with against the sun makes the combination of twilight and cherry.

Not only daytime, but also sunset is good time. I will introduce more information of hidden spots. Please look forward to it!!

Heading north on route 58 from Nago and cross Shioya Ohashi(bridge), turn right (to route 331, to Shioya bay) after 1 or 2 hundred meters away from the bridge. Keep going about a1 or 2 kilometers, there is a path to mountain side on the left to Oshikawa community (there is no signboard)

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Okinawa Clip Photographer/Writer Hiroshi Kuwamura (KUWA)