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Okinawa CLIP Movie Knit Craftsman "ZAORIC"

post : 2016.03.17 08:00

"ZAORIC", a craftsman creates unique knitting products, at a shop, TELEFORGE in Chatan in the middle of Okinawa.

He creates knitting like famous souvenir Beniimo tart, Shima Ninjin, Urizun mame, Shima ma-su, even taco rice, and Okinawa soba.

Especially remarkable one is "Gajyumaru" with 2 meters tall! Its root portion is actually hat, and popular for taking photos for some people.

Other than knitting products, hand written design T-shirts and interesting goods are available. Time goes quick when you enjoy the unique products. If you're looking for something interesting souvenir, would you like a unique Beniimo tart?

Address: 283 Kitamae, Chatan, Okinawa
Tel: 098-880-9477
Open hours: 11:00 - 19:00
Shop holiday: Thurs and 4th Sun


Okinawa CLIP Videographer / Writer Kazumi Gojobori