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New Type of Colorful
Okinawan Souvenirs

post : 2016.03.20 18:00

One of the popular tourist destinations in Okinawa is Kokusai Street. "elufe" is located on the corner of that street.

There are many pretty products selected by the owner and staffs. Okinawan textile pattern masking tape was created in order for people to feel something Okinawan in their daily lives. I would like to introduce this popular masking tape.

Okinawan textile is a traditional craft whose technique was born during the Ryukyu Kingdom era. Using its pattern as a masking tape will let people enjoy the Ryukyu atmosphere easily.

Vivid flower pattern is printed on the 18 mm masking tape. When you put it on a white paper, its beauty is obvious.

And little wonder, the pattern was designed by a textile artist Ms. Yuka Arakaki, who was also covered by Okinawa CLIP. 

Dynamic designs of Ms. Arakaki are gathered on the masking tape. The owner of elufe, Ms.Nakamoto says "More you use the tape, more you feel it is beautiful. I want people to use it without any pretension."

Masking tapes are often used when sealing a flap, but there are many things that they can be used for. For example, a simple straw hat will become prettier by using the tape.

Ms. Nakamoto is wearing earings made of the masking tape. She made it by putting the tape on clear file, and cut it into size she likes, then coat it with manicure.

Besides that, tapes can be used on nails, smart phone covers. It would be fun to create your one and only accessory!

They are perfect for souvenirs. This is the masking tape that more you use, more you will be attracted to it.

There are other products that are suitable for souvenirs at elufe! Post cards taken by a cameraman living in Okinawa are another popular product that you will see the new side of Okinawa.

There are other products such as small envelops which say Nifedebiru(meaning thank you) with a picture of Shurijo Castle or Goya.

This shop is located on the Kokusai Street so it is easy to visit. Please come to the shop to find new type of Okinawan souvenirs.

Address: 1F 2-5-1 Matsuo, Naha City
Open Everday : 11:00-22:00

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