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Abura Miso, Okinawa's Iconic Food
that Everyone Loves!

post : 2016.03.20 15:00

Abura Miso is one of the seasonings and preserved food that Okinawan people used to use from the long time ago. Abura Miso is also called as Nikumiso or Butamiso or Andansu (this is how local people call it.)

The Abura Miso that I'm going to recommend is Misonoko. The main ingredients of Abura Miso are miso (beans paste). It is named Misonoko to make it easy for children to remember.

The representative of Misonoko, Mr.Katsuhiro Nagayama wanted children to learn Okinawan traditional food.

In order to make Abura Miso, boil fine pork fat back. Pork used in Abura Miso is from Okinawa. One process uses 25kg of pork fat back.

Boil the pork for an hour, then take it out. Add White miso, soft brown sugar, sweet sake, Awamori, and parched sesame. Stir it for 45 minutes. Let it cool down and that's it!

There are two kinds of Misonoko. The left shows you a plane miso that was chosen as a good product by Okinawa Prefecture. It uses miso (bean paste) that has been used from olden days, so grandmas and grandpas say that it reminds them of the taste in olden days.

The right is Agu Misonoko which uses pork back fat and miso from Kume Island. It has stronger taste and is sweet.

This is pure lard. Once they are lined on the shelves of supermarket, they run out so quickly. It is made of lard extracted in the process of making Abura Miso.

If you add it in stirred fries or stirred vegetables, it makes everything delicious.

I asked Mr.Nagayama about the best way to eat Abura Miso. If you add this to anything, it makes everything tasty.

It goes really well with Shima Tofu. It is a cuisine that only uses miso and Shima Tofu.

Letting miso sit for a while, it becomes tastier. The color will change from sweet white to strong taste red brown.

Asking the best recipe for Abura Miso, I realized that I would like to have it with rice. So simple but it's the best!

Mr.Nagayama says he likes to eat it in the rice balls or just with rice.

Abura Miso is Okinawa's iconic food. For sure, people will love it to receive as souvenirs. Abura Miso will bring you the memories of Okinawa.

Misonoko Official Website:
Misonoko are sold on the internet or supermarkets in Okinawa or Washita shop in other prefectures. Please check their website for retail shops.

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