Okinawa Tourism Information:TranquilSceneryofKohamaIsland,YaeyamaIslands

Tranquil Scenery of Kohama Island, Yaeyama Islands

post : 2016.03.30 18:00

30 minute cruise from Ishigaki port, to get Kohama island.

I always take an outside seat even in summer or no air conditioner. Good thing of it is to feel the wind and see the view of ocean and small islands passing by. I feel lucky if a ship with wide-open.

Walking around Kubazaki area where fishermen immigrated from Itoman one hundred years ago, and is still now fishermen's quiet village.

Look at the drawing on the wall. An octopus holding a flag saying "Good Catch"

A goat relaxing on the street not even scared of people.

Iriomote island view from Kubazaki coast. This coastal area of water depth zone between Kohama and Iriomote islands, called Yonara channel, is  popular for divers as mantas migration area.

View of mangrove forest from Katore scenic overlook. It is considered that the original plant seeds of the mangrove drifted from Iriomote island.

Wonderful view of ocean from the hill. There used to be resort buildings, and currently they are shops and Izakaya or residential buildings. Strolling or taking a walk by motorbike is recommended because of the undulating landscape.

Okinawa CLIP Photographer/Writer Masumi Sasamoto