Okinawa Tourism Information:Yanbaru,ShinkanuchaVillage

Yanbaru, Shinkanucha Village

post : 2016.06.07 18:00

This is where you can experience "Permaculture" in Yanbaru. What's permaculture? "Permaculture means that every thing, animals and plants including human being does take advantage each other to make comfortable their lives, and eventually their lifestyle goes recyclable and circulating", owner, Mr. Aikawa says.

If you would like to get to know more about the lifestyle of permaculture, this village might be a little bit insufficient. Houses and gardens of this area are following the concept of permaculture and designed. If you experience "permaculture" at this Shinkanucha village, might be reminded of that this is permaculture. Booking is needed if you stay and/or use workshops). Please contact from website below.


Okinawa CLIP Videographer/Writer Ohji Ogawa