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The Blessings of Nature, Hand Crushed Guava Tea

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Takeshi Ganaha grows around 3000 guava trees on personal farms located in Kadena, Yomitan and Onna.

Guava, along with turmeric, and java tea are know as the three great medicinal plants of Okinawa. The guava leaves in guava tea contain polyphenols which helps in sugar absorption and inhibits increases in blood glucose level.
However, tea made as folk medicine is not easy to drink.

When Takeshi Ganaha inherited the guava farms from his father, he found out the plant helped defer the appearance of lifestyle diseases at young ages and has since dedicated himself to making a guava tea that anybody could easily drink.

It started with daily trial and error in order to extract a tea that was not only good for health but also free of pesticides and chemical fertilizers while also being easy to drink.

The first is a very careful selection of material.
Beautiful young leaves.

He harvests stem by stem from the part where soft young leaves grew from old stems.
To obtain a gentle taste, he makes a point of only using quality leaves and manually sorts out unnecessary stems and leaves that became too hard one by one.

Once the leaves are washed twice, they are ready for steaming.
When guava leaves are steamed, the workshop is filled with a refreshing, sweet scent.

The careful hand crushing is next.
Steamed leaves are strongly but carefully crushed.

In order extract the ingredients easily, the all the leaf fibers are crumpled and then the harshness is wrung out, which is how a mellow flavor is obtained.

The “Kenkocha Green Guava” tea is complete when the softly crumpled leaves have been dried according to a heatless 3-step process that was created to preserve the flavor.

Put the tea leaves in a pot and pour hot water into it in order to obtain a beautiful amber colored guava tea.

From the first sip, a refreshing, sweet aroma spreads throughout the mouth.
How about a soft, easy to drink guava tea with your daily meals or during tea time to relax?

Please enjoy the natural blessings of Okinawa through its scent and taste.

Temomi Guava Cha Honpo
Address: 6-11-13 Mizugama, Kadena-cho
Tel/Fax: 098-989-3493

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