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Kitanakagusuku Sunflower Festival

post : 2014.03.12 16:00

In Kitanakagusuku village, the earliest sunflower festival in Japan is held every year.
The contrast between the yellow of the of sunflower field spread out in front of us and the blue of the Okinawan sky is vivid.
It is really like if we got a time slip in summer.
In a field of about 10,000㎡, 400,000 sunflowers are in full bloom.

In this season, there are cold days even in Okinawa. :)
But seeing the sunflowers blooming full of life toward the sun, we feel we can receive a soft, warm power.

There were also places where the flowers weren’t yet in full bloom, so it was still possible later to enjoy the sunflower field of Kitanakagusuku.

I go every year together with my sons, and they really enjoy seeing the sunflower field all around!
If you have children, I recommend it.
On the weekend of the festival during the event, there is also a farmers' market with fresh vegetables from neighborhood farms, Okinawa soba and tempura to eat, and yachimun (Okinawan pottery) and sunflowers for sale, so there are a lot of things to enjoy in addition to the sunflower field.
(There are places open during weekdays too)

Definitely check out the earliest blooming sunflowers in Japan, they will give you their brilliant energy.

6th Kitanakagusuku Sunflower Festival
Near 306 Kishaba, Kitanakagusuku Village
January 18 (Sat) to February 2 (Sun), 2014

Okinawa CLIP Photowriter 0173 (Reina Chinen)


306 Kishaba, Kitanakagusuku Village