Okinawa Tourism Information:"KeramaTerrace",OneoftheBestHotelsonTokashiki,KeramaIslands

"Kerama Terrace", One of the Best Hotels on Tokashiki, Kerama Islands

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The largest island of Kerama islands, Tokashiki island is just 30 minutes away from Tomari port in Naha by ship, is also known commonly in Okinawa Clip. Marine activities and hidden beached are introduced, but hotels. So here is special one!

Kerama Terrace is located on Aharen area and opened in 2008. This relaxing ambience hotel  is ranked several ranking websites and hotels on Kerama island.

It is surprised that the front desk looks like high class Bali style. Luxurious atmosphere includes unified interior furniture and equipment.

Dining bar "abisso" is at back. The chef with career at high-class hotel cooks a full-course meal. The menu has local Tokashiki's foods from the sea and mountain. Wine in the cellar is also recommended.

Beauty salon clinic, private room spa, and Okinawa's local cosmetics are available on first floor. 

Unlike gorgeous dinner, healthy breakfast is available at green terrace.

Total 8 guest rooms. Most popular one is useful standard room. Unique loft room is also available.

"Waterkids", marine shop that offers diving and snorkeling services is nearby. You can try easily if you would like. The owner is just 36 years old, Eiji Kuniyoshi. He has been a diving instructor and a member of the Tokashiki commerce and industry association. He is been busy back and forth between mainland Okinawa and Tokashiki.

One of the best clearness of the sea is here on Kerama, called "Kerama Blue". One of the best beaches on Kerama, "Aharen Beach" is located within walking distance of Kerama Terrace. Easy access to the beach!

Get reminded of special sun-set spot that only local people know. Uninterrupted and chill-out time is here on the island. Especially recommended for special tourists.

Kerama Terrace
Address: 103 Aharen, Tokashiki-son, Okinawa
Tel: 098-987-3477
Hotel charges: 16,666 yen(exclude tax, 1 night 2 meal, when 2 persons in a 
Checking in/out: 13:00/11:00
Website: /

Okinawa CLIP Photographer/Writer Kiwamu Ogawa (Qey Word)