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How about Izena Island? A Great Spot on Summer High Season

post : 2016.07.26 18:00

"Is there a great spot on summer high season?" Yes! That's Izena island. It just takes 55 minutes by ferry twice a day from Unten port, Nakijin-son north of Okinawa looking at nice view of blue ocean.

"Izena Gusuku" mountain looks like Pyramid is a symbol of Izena. The shape of the mountain changes depending on where you look at.

"Tama-udun" is at base of Izena Gusuku(castle). Tama-udun is tombs of Shoen King, Kanemaru and family who is primogenitor of Ryukyu King second Sho family. On season of "Shi-mi" which is annual event, "Ku-ji nu Shi-mi" is held. Why the tombs is here?

Shoen King is originally from Izena island. It's good to look around by bike such as historical places related to the king, museum, ruins.

Traditional festival is held every summer on Izena island called "Unke". Unke means harvest festival usually will be held on late of July to beginning of Aug. It's a good change to come in contact with local people by playing tug-in-war. Izena's local "Ihijyu-te" welcomes you which means hospitality.

Izena beach on Izena area is popular for bathing. Beaches on main island Okinawa are all crowded, but here on Izena no worries. You can enjoy the beach as long as you want.

Sun set, no need to explain the beautiful view.

Not much artificial lights on the island, and the nature darkness shows the starry sky. Slow time and atmosphere on Izena.

Okinawa CLIP Photographer Hiroshi Kuwamura (KUWA)