Okinawa Tourism Information:2PhotoExhibitionsinOkinawaandTokyo,13thShimaPhotoColumnofHiroshiKuwamura

2 Photo Exhibitions in Okinawa and Tokyo, 13th Shima Photo Column of Hiroshi Kuwamura

post : 2016.07.28 18:00

Introducing 2 hot photo exhibitions in Okinawa and Tokyo. First one called "Going Coastline in Japan at Tokyo Art Theatre in Tokyo on 13th of Mar, 2016. Photos of 400 (remote) islands including Okinawa divided by areas. Total of 100 thousand photos taken in last 3 years are gathered. 197 chosen photos of them (123 photographers) are displayed. Photographers from Okinawa including Hiroshi Kuwamura and famous photographers are listed.

Displayed photos are of scenery and aspects of people's lives in Okinawa through Amami, Kyushu, Seto inland sea, the Sea of Japan, Tokyo bay, Boso (Chiba) area, Tohoku, and Hokkaido. There is also related exhibition "After Earth Quake Disaster" is held at next room. Photos have been taken right after the earth quake until now show how the destroyed communities recover little by little. At the center of the exhibition area, Ishinomaki newspaper is displayed which has been published even next day of 11th of Mar, 2011 by handwritten because the printing machine is damaged. The newspaper has kept delivering the information for local disaster victims to support them. I was inspired by the journalism mettle and backbone.

Looking back at 11th of Mar 2011, I was working for an article about whale watching on Kerama islands. I felt like I was called to ocean , and I was at Awase tidal flats the Pacific side on 14:46 the time the earth quake occurred.

Another exhibition is at Junkudo, Naha, called "Electrical Photo Books, HATERUMA 1965 Publishment Memorial Exhibition". The comparison of shrine ritual in Hateruma 50 years ago and current, and color and black and white photos.

The books usually sold only online, but available at the store during the exhibition at the area first basement and corridor on second floor. 36 photos of 300 on the electrical photo books are available.

Ouwehand Shizuko talk show is scheduled on 15:00 Mar 19th. I will be on stage, so please come to see me if interested.

Tokyo exhibition: "Going Coastline in Japan"
Duration: current - Mar 13th 10:00-20:00
Location: Tokyo Art Theatre (5th floor) near Ikebukuro station

Okinawa: "Electrical Photo Books, HATERUMA 1965 Publishment Memorial Exhibition"
Duration: current - Mar 20th 10:00-22:00
Location: Junkudo 1st basement and 2nd floor, near Miebashi station

Okinawa CLIP Photographer/Writer Hiroshi Kuwamura