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Summer Fashion Starts from Your Feet! Shiny Stones Inlaid Shimazouri at "CHINDAMIYA" in Naha City

post : 2016.07.29 18:00

"If you were here…" "Summer door" "Everlasting love" "Do cat dream about bananas?" "A tear of the moon"…These are named for the works and these names also can be the titles for dramas and novels.

I met the shiny stone inlaid sandals(Shimazouri) for the first time at variety store"TANTAN" where many active artists' works in Okinawa are sold. I fell in love at the first site with this shimazouri and I couldn't help but went to the shop which the artist runs near "Makishi Kousetsu Ichiba" to meet in person.

Kayo Uchiyama from Kumamoto prefecture makes Shimazouri. She has been working hard silently at the atelier also the shop. She came to Okinawa for the college "I was planning to go back to Kumamoto but turns out Okinawa suits me and made me stay." she said.

After she graduated from the college, she worked for social welfare and for public office as a temporary. But she thought "Changing the job would be a good chance to do something I really wants to do." and she decided to go to the illustration field that she's been doing as her hobby.  "I am the person who go into things and out quickly when it comes to the hobby but drawing is the only thing I have been doing long." Uchiyama said.

She started selling Shimazouri which every local Okinawan has at least one pair as a canvas and carve the illustration she drew on them. One of her friends asked her if she can put shiny stones on shimazouri and it lead her to make this style of Shimazouri; not only the illustration but also inlaid with shiny stones.

These shimazouri with shiny stones are big hit from the ladies who love enjoying dressing up to the detail like "Nobody can see". There are some customers who only display them because they are too cute to put on.

Requests from the customers often give her good ideas so "If you have requests, please do not hesitate to tell me! " she says. Custom made shimazouri is a perfect gift as the birthday presents, the newborn baby gifts and the wedding anniversary presents. There is complimentary service to curve the name on them when you buy shimazouri displayed at the shop. It gradually increase the customer with kids or grandchildren go to daycare or kindergarten where require to put name on every belongings.

It takes about two to three hours to complete the pair. There are many times the story or the poem get big in her head during the work. The title of this (Picture shown above) is "If you were here". She expressed the best moment of the meet with the special someone.

Custom made shimazouri take two weeks to a month from taking order to delivery. It will be the perfect gift to put your special message to your love ones. This summer, why don't you put this shiny stone inlaid shimazouri on to enjoy the detail like "Nobody can see!".

Address: 3-3-1 Makishi Naha City, Okinawa
Tel: 080-4313-9343
Open: Noon to 19:00
Close: Thursdays and the other days
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Okinawa CLIP Photographer/Writer Sachiko