Okinawa Tourism Information:Let’sHave“Nuchigusui(medicineoflife)”atQualityOldHouse“CaféGaramanjyaku”

Let’s Have “Nuchigusui (medicine of life)” at
Quality Old House “Café Garamanjyaku”

post : 2016.08.09 01:00

A hill with vital wild grass in Kin Town.
“Café Garamanjyaku” is regarded as a toponym for the old name of this area.

Various kinds of flowers decorate peaceful property throughout the year, and an old-style wooden house with red-tile roof sites as it blends in to the property. Okinawan materials such as camphor tree, chinaberry, shrubby Japanese yew, Ryukyu limestone and others are used for this house, and it has warmth of tradition and special elegance.

A female manager, Kiyoko Yamashiro has been focusing on food culture from different angles and fields for about 30 years. She studied traditional Ryukyuan royal court dish, medicinal cooking, macrobiotic, detox, and more. She revised the menu of the café on September 2014 and developed a new concept of 1 soup & 1 daily dish. Based on local production for local consumption, she focuses on seasonal vegetables and stock seed. Currently, she serves the ultimate “Nuchigusui (medicine of life)” menu with her wish to “eat food that helps to live longer until the age 100.” 

More than 40 kinds of medicinal plants grow naturally in the same property, and these are used as ingredients of the café's original menu. There are 6 of Kiyoko’s menu which put her effort, and here are 2 of her main menu which condensed the island’s bounty.

“Brown Rice 100 Years Set Meal w/ vegetable juice” (1,600 yen including tax) is the set menu to “live healthy for 100 years!” According to Kiyoko, “these are the dishes that energetic elderly ladies in Okinawa used to eat.” Guests can have brown rice & black rice balls (or yam), soup, and seasonal healthy vegetables.

"Obaa’s (elderly ladies) 100 Years Set Meal w/ vegetable juice” (1,800 yen including tax) features nutritious root vegetables, dozens of wildflowers, and homemade fermented food. The clear purpose of this meal is “for detoxication while warming up additives-covered bodies.” The taste is simple but each ingredient has pronounced flavor to spice up the ingredients themselves, so you might not feel incompleteness after eating the set meal. 

The housing and set menu might get guests’ attention, but food layout in pottery, lacquerware, and Ryukyu glass which created by Okinawan artists are also magnificent.

And, Kiyoko is particular about the taste of healthy juice which comes with 2 set menus which was mentioned in this article earlier. The one on the left is “wildflowers juice” (800 yen including tax) which contains wildflowers at the garden, herb, goya, yam, other seasonal vegetables, and enzyme. The other one is “Purple Yam Yogurt” (500 yen including tax). It uses Okinawan-produced purple yam, and it also has the semi-sweet flavor of brown sugar. Both of them are enjoyable colorfully and visually. 


“Wildflowers and vegetables to serve vary depending on the season, so it is better to pick the set meal you want after we talk.”

Kiyoko’s warm smile and friendly personality help to have fun chat with guests, and she gives good advice each word of dialogue.

“I am planning to hold cooking class this year, so please make a reservation in advance if you were interested.”

We definitely have to check her future activity.

An idea of “eating healthy food and to be healthy and cure diseases” still takes root in this longevity island. Safe local ingredients and chat with energetic female manager. Let’s be really healthy inside and outside!


Café Garamanjaku
Address: 10507-4 Kin, Kin Town
Tel: 098-968-8846 *Advance reservation recommended
Business Hours: 12:00 - 15:00 (Closed when all the ingredients run out)
Closed: Tue & Wed
Parking: available


Okinawa CLIP photo writer Kiwamu Ogawa (Qey Word)