Okinawa Tourism Information:SparetheRodandSpoiltheChild,withFriends

Spare the Rod and Spoil the Child, with Friends

post : 2016.08.17 18:00

"No road is long with good company", we have rarely hear in our regular lives. If your friends go with you, anything will be encouraged in all ages especially when traveling.

"No road is long with good company" says that we help each other in regular lives even with person who you just met. The massage "help and consider each other" is what it means.

There is a habit called "Yuima-ru" in Okinawa which means helping each other for the works in order. And also, "Ichariba cho-de" means that once you meet someone he/she will be like your brother/sister. As they say, people in Okinawa prize the relationships at local society rather than prestige or money.

One of the magazines that I work for regularly in Okinawa is "porte". Porte introduces local shops, restaurants, and people as a local born and raised magazine.

I as a writer, get involved in works of this magazine. Makishi; editorial director, Chotaro; Photographer, and myself, we all three conducting interviews together to the north and south. It's like triumvirate crisscrossing Okinawa.

Our favorite foods, music, types of girl rarely match. Even the matched favorite things for us differs in details. We three can enjoy our differences, though.

It has been for long since school days passed. Not much chances to go out with guys like school days. Surfing by myself which is my hobby, spending weekends with my girlfriend, so not really hang out with guys. Probably once every 2 month, going to drink with photographers of Okinawa CLIP.

I usually spend daily live like that, Traveling for "porte" reminds me of school days. It's something sweaty smell and sweet-and-sour experience. I do work hard for interviewing and gathering information, but there is exciting feeling which is like skipping a class and hang out with friends.

"Yama-Gakkou", Yama means mountain, Gakkou means school. Yama-gakkou means "another school" in Okinawa. Students skip the classes and play(study) at mountain, riverside, and park, shopping mall if urban area. The nature and anything in city teaches, and students with their friends learn from them and each other.

Work for "porte" is like Yama-gakkou. Workshop in Ginoza-son producing brown sugar lump, shop making general merchandise in Ginowan-city, bakery baking soft taste bread in Miyako, people living with rich nature in Yaeyama, they all teach me a lot of things.

There always be something to learn in people of all ages. Contacting people grow something important and essential. "Spare the Rod and Spoil the Child, with Friends, No road is long with good company". Triumvirate crisscrossing Okinawa will be my pleasure.


Okinawa CLIP Photographer/Writer Nobuya Fukuda