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Only for Summer, Cave Exploratory Tour

post : 2016.08.24 18:00

Do you know there is a cave exploratory tour? Wear hard hat with light and glove. You can enjoy the tour starting from 16th of July.

This is the place where the cave is at "Okinawa World", Nanjo-city, that is known the Gyokusendo is in. The course of cave tour includes regular route of Gyokusendo and extra unexplored area. It has route that you might be deep-soaking and worming with special guides.

Gyokusendo consists of 890 meters of open route for tourists and 4110 meters of undisclosed route. "The cave tour goes undisclosed area", the guide says. People age of 6 to 80 have enjoyed this tour. Total 600 meters of the route takes 2hour and half including changing clothes and lecture. Total of 4 guides including Mr. Ohoka will guide you.

If you apply for  the tour, make sure to be on time on the day. You will wear hard hat and special clothes, then have a lecture. Beginning of the route shares with opened route for tourists, but only your group wear working uniform.

Some areas of the route is depth of 40 meters and temperature is 21 degree Celsius. It's cool there even in summer. When entering unexplored area, you sometimes have bend down and even doing like the photo below.

Deep-soaking, holding the rope, this is something you won't experience outside the cave. Water is little bit cold so children and girls squeal sometimes.

Not only that kind of experience, but also the beautiful and undeveloped stalactitic remains.

"Cave pearl" looks like pearl.

Fossil, pieces of Jomon potteries and bones of animal are found.

"Icicle stone" looks like stalactitic icicle and stalagmite have grown for thousands years. Some of them broke and past a few hundred years, pieces are on the ground. "Please pick it up", guide says. I tried to but it won't even move because it's too heavy.

Turn off the light for 1 minute, try to feel the darkness. It's totally in the dark, but no fear. It was even comfortable to stay there with no lights.

After enjoying the darkness, reaching to the goal. I am sure to feel freedom when you see the sunlight at the exit. 

"I enjoyed the tour with a guide explaining the history of the  cave", "river is in the cave, and beautiful scenery was mysterious", "I soaked but it was fun", tourists say. "Generally speaking, Okinawa in summer is famous for sea and beaches, but cave is cooler", please try the cave tour, guide, Ohoka says. Cave experience at one of the top 10 largest caves, Gyokusendo will be unforgettable memories. Why don't you try it?!

Cave adventure tour:
July 16 to Aug 31, 2016
1. 10:00 2. 11:00 3. 13:00 4. 14:00 for Sat, Sun, holidays
1. 10:00 2. 11:00 for Mon to Fri

Sep 1 to Sep 30, 2016
1. 10:00 2. 13:00 for Sat, Sun, holidays
1. 10:00 for Mon to Fri

Address: 1336, Aza-maekawa, Tamagusuku, Nanjo-city, Okinawa
Tel: 098-949-7421 (reserve by 17:00 the day before)
Entrance fee: 3,000yen per person(older than 6)(guide hard hat, light, shower room, insurance)
Clothes: 1,000yen (working uniform, shoes, towel, gloves)
Working uniform is brought by yourself if you would like

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