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The World of Sea of Okinawa, Sea of Aka Island, Kerama Islands

post : 2016.09.27 12:00

Aka island located in the middle of Kerama islands is reachable for about one hour by high-speed ship. A lot of tourists come to this island of 300 people population to enjoy the sea.

There are many spots to enjoy snorkeling such as Nishihama beach where attract tourists immediately by white sand and cobalt blue sea, Maja where is getting popular as a spot of seeing sea turtles, Hizushi which is hidden spot, and Kushibaru which you can reach by 125 minutes of rough road drive.

The best thing of Aka island is to be able to access the beautiful sea without boat.

Speaking of coral reef, there are mainly 2 groups of coral reef. Hermatypic coral and jewelry coral. Hermatypic coral grows faster at a shallow sea, and jewelry coral grows slowly at deep sea. We often see hermatypic coral by snorkeling.

According to the information of Aka island marine research lab on 2008, hermatypic coral of 14 families, 59 genera, and 248 species are around Kerama sea.

About 400 species of hermatypic coral are confirmed in Japan. 62% of total hermatypic coral in Japan is in Kerama sea.

Good thing of Aka island is not only colorful coral reef, but also starry sky in the night with the sound of waves. Please stay at least one night to hear the sound of waves and see night sky studded with stars if you have a chance.

Let's get snorkeling goods and go find your best favorite paradise to Aka island.

Okinawa CLIP Photographer/Writer Mika Asaka