Okinawa Tourism Information:TheGourmetsceneonMiyakoandIrabuIslandsCollaborationbetweenRitohakuandOkinawaCLIP

The Gourmet scene on Miyako and Irabu Islands Collaboration between Ritohaku and Okinawa CLIP

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In 2015, Irabu Bridge completed the connection of two islands, Miyako and Irabu. The two islands are surrounded by beautiful blue ocean while scenic sugarcane fields also attract visitors. Thanks to the bridge, it takes only 15 -20 minutes to travel by car from Miyako Airport to Irabu Port. I would like to introduce the local foods of the islands.

Jinkuya is a restaurant located on Ichiba Doori (Market Street) in the Hirara area. Let’s visit them as soon as we arrive in Miyako island.


The katsumeshi (650 yen) is the best seller among the locals. Miyako soba and various set dishes are also available.


Katumeshi is made from pork cutlets with special sauce (reminiscent of Worcestershire sauce) on fried rice. The dish comes with Miyako soba and is a great choice for hungry people. It has a unique combination of enjoyable flavors blended with the crunchy texture of the cutlet. Interestingly, this dish is as popular with female customers as it is with the males.


Jinkuya was originally a noodle making shop and that’s what they still do. Hisamatsu noodle shop is a family-owned business. Of course, Jinkuya uses these original flat, chewy noodles. The bonito and pork bone based soup is also delicious.


Now that my stomach is full, let's go to Irabu island across the Irabu Bridge.

The total length of the bridge is 3.5 kilometers. The view of the ocean is spectacular the whole way. Hamburger & Bar Insula is the first destination on Irabu island.



The baikan chicken burger (with french fries and pickles, 850 yen) is the most famous burger out of six choices. The name “baikan” refers to the traditional way of smoking bonito fillets. They use the same method to smoke the chicken for the special sandwich. Teriyaki sauce adds rich flavor.


From the first bite you will notice the distinct smoky flavor and the juiciness of the chicken. I have never had this kind of sandwich before! According to the staff, they do the smoking using direct heat so chicken comes out juicy. The manbiki (mahi mahi) burger and the teritama burger are also popular items. Take-out orders are welcome.

Sarahama in Irabu – a bonito fishing town


Nakayukui Shoten, Okinawan tempura and shaved ice shop is a popular stop for kids and older folks. Okinawan tempura is fritter-like and is a finger food for kids. Bonito fillets and vegetable tempura are available as are the purple sweet potato doughnuts beniimo panbin.

Beniimo panbin doughnut

Bonito fillet with vegetable and chicken tempura


Tedokon is the family who owns the shop. Chizuru, the mother, used to make tempura for local events that became very popular. That was her inspiration to start her own tempura shop. Savor the hot and delicious tempura! You won’t be able to stop eating this great snack even while driving!


There is much more information about local island food on Miyako iIland. Please check the website.





Address: 84 Shimozato, Taira, Miyakojima City, Okinawa

Tel: 0980-73-4017

Hours: 11:00–16:00

Closed: Tuesday


Hamburger & Bar insula

Address: 22 Kuninaka, Irabu, Miyakojima City, Okinawa

Tel: 090-7381-4001

Hours: 12:00–16:00, 19:00–24:00 *reservation required for dinner


Closed: Irregularly

Nakayukui Shoten

Address: 57-3 Kuninaka, Irabu, Miyakojima City, Okinawa

Tel: 090-9657-0395

Hours: 9:00–17:00

 Closed: Irregularly



OkinawaCLIP photo writer: Masumi Sasamoto