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Nakami Jiru

post : 2017.05.17 18:00

Following oden, we are going to write about another popular pork dish called “Nakami jiru” which is an essential dish for Okinawan family. Again, Kina Family from Kina Farm, the producers of Beni Aguu, will teach us how to cook it.

“Nakami jiru” is served at many soba restaurants or other restaurants. When we first moved to Okinawa, we were always wondering what it was, but we had no guts to order it. Then the time went by …

After a while, we heard from someone that it is actually the dish which contains guts (mostly small intestine, large intestine, and stomach) of pig, and

“Oh OK! Nakami = guts!” 

we convinced ourselves. Actually we love eating guts! So we decided to order it at a soba restaurant near our house then.

Some restaurants serve a combo with rice, side dishes, and nakami jiru. Or some serve “Nakami soba” which puts guts on top of Okinawa soba.

It is a popular dish in Okinawa, and it is also served for school lunch. It is obvious that it is a familiar dish to people in Okinawa.

We started to cook nakami jiru by following someone’s example. However, we could not cook it soft or its smell remained, so we could not cook it as we wanted to be. After several times of try and error, we came up with an idea of; 

“Wait! Let’s just learn how to cook it from Kina Family!”

So we asked them to cook nakami jiru as well lol

First, we need to boil guts for preparation. Boiled guts are on sale at supermarkets or markets. The key to get rid of the smell is to sprinkle flour to boiled guts, rub well, and rinse them with water. 

Put guts into a pan and boil them about 1 – 2 hours until they get soft. 

Dried bonito stock & water that soaked with dried shiitake mushrooms will be used for the soup. Moisten dried mushrooms are going to be used as ingredients of nakami jiru. Later, we were going to find out a surprising fact… 

Believe it or not, Kina Family uses soki (pork ribs), the most luxurious part of pork, to make soup stock! How gorgeous is that!! 

Not many ordinary families can use soki like this. Wow, what a dynamic way to use it. That’s how they do it, and they do things more than we expected.

Spill boiled water of softened guts. Next, put guts, soki, konnyaku, and sliced dried shiitake mushrooms into a pan. Then, add soki soup stock, dried bonito stock, and water that soaked with dried shiitake mushrooms, and boil them.

The soup is seasoned with soy sauce and salt only. This is the best way to fully enjoy the gorgeous soup. 

“Shinobu, add less soy sauce not to make its color dark, and adjust its taste by salt.”

Tomoko assisted her daughter kindly.

A mother teaches a recipe of nakami jiru to her daughter in the quiet afternoon while the watery sunlight pouring through the window.

Steam coming off a hot pan, and the smell of old-fashioned dried bonito stock. We remembered our families who live far away from Okinawa while witnessing this emotional moment.

We tried to remember the first recipes that we learned from our mothers. By tracing our memories, we decided to cook the Okinawan food at our house.

We would like to thank Kina Family for teaching us the recipes and witnessing the touchable moment.



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